Do You Hear What I Hear?

do you hear what I hearI know.  It’s April.

I shouldn’t be using Christmas song lyrics in a headline.

BUT… it seemed like a good way to say that Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage is now available in Audio Book!

If you and/or your spouse aren’t readers per se, but you would love to soak in the truth about sex from God’s perspective and how deliciously awesome it can be in a marriage, then the audio version of the book may be ideal!

Check out this order page for all your options.

It’s super reasonably priced when you consider it’s an investment in your marriage.

That’s really how we should look at anything you do to strengthen your marriage — an INVESTMENT!

BTW, it’s anniversary weekend coming up for my beloved and me.  Last year we spent four days in Chicago.

We don’t have that kind of cash this year, but I assure you, we will be “investing” in other ways that don’t require any cash!   Small children, cover your ears! (They might be the ones saying to each other, “Do you hear what I hear?!”)

Just kidding.

We are farming the kids out for the weekend, so we can have as much loud sex as we want.

Anyway, on that note, don’t delay.  If you want the book, you can get it as an eBook or now as an Audio Book!

(Just don’t mix up the Passion audio book with your kid’s “Frozen” soundtrack.  That. Could. Be. Awkward.)

Happy listening!

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