How Will You Nurture Your Marriage this Winter?


nurturing-your-marriage-in-the-winterIf you live somewhere that is mild or warm year-round, this post probably won’t resonate much with you.

BUT if you are like me and live in a region that gets cold in the later fall months and winter, then these are good things to think about.

How will you nurture your marriage this winter?

Before this year, such a question would seem pointless. Winter wouldn’t impact how we could nurture our marriage.

Before COVID arrived on the scene, we didn’t give a second thought to how easy it was to go out to eat, board a plane, go on vacation, visit a movie theatre, take in a concert or hop on public transportation.

Nurturing our marriage outside our home with various extracurricular and social activities could happen any time. We could be out and about, go on walks, visit any restaurants or venues we wanted. And even when cold weather would hit, we still had lots of inside options.

For much of the spring and summer this year, we have enjoyed at least the ability to be outside. And when some restrictions started to loosen, we could eat on patios at restaurants or visit a few public places. I know my husband and I have done a few patio dates at area restaurants.

But we live in Omaha, Nebraska. Fall is in the air and soon patio seating at restaurants will become scarce. And then winter will be upon us and being outside for any extended time, especially on super cold or snowy days, will be out of the question.

Plus, the COVID situation is an elusive unknown. We aren’t sure how it will continue to impact daily life and/or restrictions when we are out in public. We aren’t sure if businesses, restaurants, schools and/or offices are going to be open fully, remain on modified schedules or shut down completely.

To say there is a lot going on in our world is an understatement.

So I just encourage you to be thinking now how you will intentionally nurture your marriage when the cold winter months hit. Sure, sex is an option anytime! But we all know that a strong healthy marriage needs nourishment on all fronts. 

Find ways to feed your friendship, companionship and fun. Be thinking of how you will do that if the cold weather and/or COVID starts to narrow the possibilities of going out or traveling.

Find a few books or studies you can go through together.

Consider what movies or shows you can binge watch together.

Go on walks when the winter weather is mild.

Play board games you both like or do puzzles.

If you have the space, exercise together, either with home exercise equipment or fitness apps or videos.

Do more meal planning and cooking together, finally digging into those recipes you’ve been wanting to try.

And, of course, keep warm beneath the sheets more often!

These are just a few ideas. What else do you suggest?

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3 thoughts on “How Will You Nurture Your Marriage this Winter?

  1. Anonymous says:

    We live further north of you Julie where it is much colder than you. I actually prefer the cooler weather. I do not like the heat and humidity. For romance, we love sitting by our fireplace reading or play a board game. 🙂

  2. Debi Walter says:

    We love to put together puzzles. It’s a great activity where you can still talk and connect. You can make it more challenging and fun by numbering certain pieces with a prize attached when you fit it in the puzzle.

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