What ONE Word Describes Sex in Your Marriage?

As someone who has written about sex in marriage for a long time, I have heard about sex from countless people.

Some are enjoying amazingly passionate sex. Some are distraught and exasperated after years of no sex. Many fall somewhere between those two extremes.

If you had to choose ONE word to describe sex in your marriage, what word would you choose? 

Please write that ONE word in a comment below this post. You can do it anonymously if you want. Remember, I moderate my comments, so it won’t appear immediately, but I will be approving these quickly.  They are one-word comments, after all.

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Help as many people as possible see the post AND offer their ONE word.  That way we will get a glimpse of the general tone of what is happening out there in marriages. As a writer trying to speak hope and insight into marriages, I’m curious.

I’m curious what words people would use to describe their sexual intimacy in marriage.

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Thank you!

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