Decide What Kind of Weekend You Will Have


decide-what-kind-of-weekendThis morning I stood in line for nearly two hours to cast my vote early. I have a funeral to go to on Tuesday, so I thought voting early would be a wise choice. 

It was kind of cold, but I came prepared. And thanks to my phone and earbuds, I was able to watch an entire episode of a series I’ve been following.

I also had a nice conversation with the couple in line behind me. We had a comical conversation about what type of donuts are the best, after I mentioned a new donut shop had opened up in Omaha.

People from the election commission were super kind, handing out small bottles of water and snack cakes and hand warmers. Everyone was polite. No one talked politics (that’s a big no-no anyway at polling places, but it was so pleasant seeing everyone being so patient and respectful).

After my morning at the polling place, I ran errands and gave some whole bean coffee to a friend of mine (I had received the coffee in a fundraising basket I had bought for a charity I support, but I don’t have a grinder. I was happy to make my friend happy with some free coffee!)

I am without a computer because mine is in the shop, so I am typing this on my husband’s computer. I’m optimistic my computer will be done soon, but who knows?! I might have to tough it out with my husband’s computer until Monday. I’m an Apple gal, so it’s an adjustment to work on his PC. I could say I’m roughing it with the PC, but boom… instantly I have offended all the PC loyalists. Ha!

At some point I have to figure out what we are having for dinner. I think tonight I’m going to let a local pizzeria do the cooking for me! That counts as “figuring out what’s for dinner,” right?

So that’s my Friday. How about you? What has your Friday been like? And what’s your weekend going to be like?

I am firmly in the camp that we need to decide what kind of weekend we are going to have. Does that mean it will be without difficulties or struggles? Maybe. Maybe not. There are no guarantees. I just believe that moment by moment, we can choose to look for the little gems of goodness—and therein we can strive to be grateful. Some moments it is easier to be grateful than in other moments, but look for the gems nonetheless.

Oh, and maybe decide to let your local pizzeria do the cooking one night. Coming up with ideas for dinner every night is hard, you guys. It is.

Be blessed this weekend. Look for the gems of goodness.

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