Grief is Messy. And That’s Okay.


grief-is-messyMy family just suffered a big loss.

And while I don’t want to unpack that here right now, I do want to offer up some encouragement and observation about grief.

Grief is messy. And that’s okay.

I imagine like me and my family, many of you are navigating sadness and loss this Christmas season. This year has certainly dealt so many hard blows, whether it be illness, death, financial loss, relationship strain or other harsh disruptions, so many people are grieving right now. Right as I write this and as you read it, so many people are grieving.

If you are in grief, please give yourself some grace and space to process and sit with it. If someone you love is grieving, give them grace and ask them how you can support them.

Grief often feels scary, but sometimes I think that’s because we are overwhelmed by the loose-end aspect of it all. So many emotions and tears and exhaustion; sometimes all of that at the same time and sometimes in waves and sometimes when we least expect it.

Grief is messy. And that’s okay.

My heart goes out to you if you are grieving right now in what otherwise is deemed such an incredibly joyous time of the year. If it’s hard for you to find the joy, that’s okay. Or if you can find only a little joy, that’s okay, too.

Grief is messy. And that’s okay.

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