We Look Back Over a Lot of Lifetimes


looking-back-over-lifetimesI’ve been on vacation in Colorado visiting family.

Coming back to the town where I grew up always feels surreal, even though I’ve done it countless times since I left more than three decades ago.

It’s been a good visit, catching up with people who’ve been my people a long time. I held my new great-niece and great-nephew—and reflected on when I held their mama as a baby.

I listened to my adult nieces and nephews share musings from their life. I still see them little in my mind and heart, but now they are big people with big people lives.

I spent some much needed time with a new friend, who is actually a classmate from long ago. Authentic friendship finds us when we have the heart and perspective to embrace it. She and I regret not being friends when we were young, but I’m kind of thinking what we have now is better than what we could have built then. And for that I am grateful.

I perused through some family photo albums from the late 1990s—and considered that old adage “it seems like a lifetime ago.” Photos from my first marriage, my oldest son as a baby and all those nieces and nephews as littles.

I drove past a few of my childhood homes and my schools and thought about how everything seems small—but seemed so big back in the day.

Tomorrow I head home.

We have but one lifetime, but it never feels that way when we look back. I see a lot of lifetimes looking back over my lifetime.

The years and moments leave remnants that we forget and recollect and forget again—only to then remember once again when jarred by a photo or a drive down a certain street. It’s like digging through the back of the closet and finding a sweatshirt that has a story.

Everything has a story.

I have but one lifetime. But I’ve spent time the past few days looking back over a lot of lifetimes. And I feel a mix of hollow and happy; restless and relieved.

Can you relate? Have you looked back over your lifetime and seen a lot of lifetimes?

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3 thoughts on “We Look Back Over a Lot of Lifetimes

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  2. Ron says:

    What an awesome post! Yes, I do look back, maybe too often. I had a great childhood and enjoy going back to my home town which is not far away from where I live now. It is small farming town, but it has changed a lot. The population has dropped, many closed stores which is sad. I drive by grandparents old farm and have many, many memories from there. Some of it is still farmed, but most of it is 5 acres lots with houses on it.

    It is sad too, nearly every adult I knew growing up has passed away. My parents house still looks good though, it is still well kept.

    You are right, we only have one life to live, but we are made of many lifetimes. It is sad to see that life as a child gone, at least for me it is.

    But, make the best of the life you have NOW. You can’t go back, but you can make life better now for you and your spouse! Don’t waste it.

  3. Running Deeper says:

    Reflecting back can be a very healing process and it can bring back a lot of hurts. I like reflecting back to see where Jesus has brought me to, today. I am grateful but there has been a lot of pain.

    Some of my friendships still remain, even after 45yrs!! I’m grateful for that. The sadness is not being able to see them today for we live so far apart. (Yes, I know there’s zoom & FaceTime and such but there’s nothing like face to face, hugs and cuddles and such!)

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