Sexy Marriage Radio Digs Into Hot Topics on Intimacy

Always on the lookout for great Christian resources on sexual intimacy in marriage, I want to tell you about Sexy Marriage Radio (SMR).

I’ve known about SMR for quite awhile and am humbly blessed founder Dr. Corey Allan is sharing with us today. So many couples have been helped through this invaluable resource!

1. When did you start SMR and what compelled you to start it in the first place?

Sexy Marriage Radio hit the podcast airwaves October 12, 2011, with the goal of speaking into a space filled with either “anything goes,” or “if it feels good, do it” advice or silence.

The goal has been to be a voice that advocates healthy sex within marriage and give couples a safe, God-honoring space to find honest information to help their married sex life thrive. Since its inception, this goal has not wavered and is even more important today — married sex is the best place for the hottest sex! 

2. Why do you think this podcast format appeals to people?

The main reason we hear people regularly tune in each week is because we cover any and all topics that impact married couples and their sex life. I like to refer to SMR as listener-driven radio, because it’s their emails and calls that help determine the topics we address.

No topic is off-limits and they are covered honestly and openly by hosts who have credentials in the mental health and marriage therapy world.

3. What has surprised you the most since you’ve been doing SMR?

I am continually humbled by the growth of SMR, especially when I hear from new listeners who binge through all the episodes in a short amount of time. It’s amazing to me that something recorded from my living room has that large a reach.

4. What do you hope listeners gain from SMR?

First, I hope that listeners will discover they are not alone in their particular struggles in marriage and sex. In many instances, the struggle is normal and part of the growing-up process God created to help every one of us develop better character and wisdom.

Second, I hope that listeners discover a new level of freedom and passion for their sex life… to taste the sacredness and blessings that can be found in vibrant sexual intimacy in marriage.

5. What is the Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway and what can people expect at these?

A four-day getaway where participants experience quality, in-depth sessions (far deeper than we can cover in our shows), lots of focused time for each couple as a couple, as well as plenty of time to explore the Dallas/Fort Worth area (or each other). The SMR Getaway has a goal of it truly being a get-away. It’s not a retreat you come home from tired, but instead you are recharged and connected as a couple!

Thank you Corey! To find out more about Sexy Marriage Radio, go to this link. You will be able to listen to current and past podcasts, including the latest episode.

Sexual intimacy champion and trailblazer Shannon Ethridge has been the latest co-host on the show, as she and Corey have offered such authentic dialogue on this area of sex in marriage.  Although Shannon is moving on to other endeavors and will be deeply missed on SMR, the podcast will continue and new episodes are up ahead.

Again, be sure to check out Sexy Marriage Radio! You can listen at the site, as well as subscribe via podcast apps.

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    Can’t believe I haven’t seen this. Listening to all of them, and hoping to go to the GetAway.

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