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The Generous Husband’s Tips on Massage

Okay, this is a rarity for me.

I’m writing a post simply to point you to another post. In this case, it is a post about massage written by Paul Byerly (better known as The Generous Husband).

I’ve been to massage therapy school (seriously, I have)… so I know full well the healthy benefits of massage, especially between a husband and a wife.

If you are a husband… run to Paul’s post and Promise to Rub Her the Right Way.  If you are a wife, send your husband the link to Paul’s post and ask him to rub you the right way.

I particularly like that Paul has separate links to three types of massage (Non-Sexual, Sexual, and Orgasmic).  Wow!  Read them all.

Let’s just say, after reading the orgasmic one, I’m feeling a need to put the kids to be early tonight so my husband and I can lock ourselves in our bedroom.

Is 6 p.m. too early of a bedtime?!  I mean, I know my kids are 13 and 7, but…

…they look tired.

And I feel “stressed.”

I think I need a massage.

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