3 Great Benefits of Sex in Your Marriage


3-benefits-of-sex-in-marriageFriends with benefits.

I know the phrase typically is used to describe two people who are not married or even in a committed relationship together, but they enjoy an occasional soiree with each other beneath the sheets.

Friends with benefits.

You know what I think? I think married couples should start using the phrase, too! My hope for all married couples, including my husband and me, is that we as a couple are “friends with benefits.”

So what are some of those great benefits of sex in your marriage? The list could be quite expansive, but below are three I want to highlight today.

3 Great Benefits of Sex in Your Marriage

1. It softens you to each other

I often have said that when my husband and I make love, I like him better afterward. We are gentler with each other. We extend grace easier.

When sex is nurtured in a marriage—valued, pursued and enjoyed with exclusivity—it fosters goodwill in a relationship. It promotes better friendship, and that truly is something for which to be grateful. Be friends with benefits and you’ll be nicer to each other. I am convinced.

2. It glorifies God

As Christians, a walk of faith isn’t easy, right?! Oh, I know that’s the aspiration and that’s what we are striving for—that we would always have the patience and perspective to rise above the sheer messiness and tragedies and exhaustion and confusion.

But honestly, I struggle often to rise above it all. I get weary. I have doubts. And that’s not a reflection of my love of the Lord or my deep abiding relationship with Him. There are no chinks in the armor, so to speak. I know my salvation is secure. I’m just saying that I’m human in a faltering unfair world. I stumble and struggle, as I think all of us do at times.

But when my husband and I make love, I know without a doubt it is an absolutely beautiful and holy way we are glorifying God. It is a benefit in this regard because I know in such a pure way, we are in harmony with Him.

It feels like a win to get something right. It feels like a win to glorify Him in our lovemaking.

3. It is healthy for your body

Touch and pleasure and orgasm are all great for your body.

And depending on how vigorous your sexual encounters are, it’s some nice exercise, too! Gets the heart rate going. Not sure if you accumulate many steps on that fitness tracker you wear, but maybe?! Ha!

When a husband and wife mutually value and enjoy their sexual intimacy often, it boosts their physical health. Sure, it does wonders for your emotional and spiritual closeness too, but even just from a physical standpoint, it’s awesome for you.

So drink plenty of water. Get plenty of rest. Move as much as you can. Eat healthy. And make love as much as possible! It does your body good!

So there you have it. Three great benefits of sex in your marriage.  Friends with benefits. What other benefits would you add?

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2 thoughts on “3 Great Benefits of Sex in Your Marriage

  1. Anonymous says:

    For our marriage, number 2 should apply. However, #1 and #3 does not apply to our marriage. For my spouse, sex usually creates stress due to health issues. And certainly physical aspect does not help her at all…it just brings out her health issues all the more. Both of us are looking forward to our glorified bodies when we see Christ!

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