5 Arousing Ways You Can Touch Your Spouse in Church


5-arousing-ways-you-can-touch-your-spouseWant to up your public display of affection game beyond holding hands? There’s no better place than in church, if you ask me.

I must admit. No one has ever asked me this. Seriously. Not even once.

But if you did, I could expound with much enthusiasm on totally appropriate PDA between spouses—in church and elsewhere.

Side note. I was going to title this post “5 Arousing Places You Can Touch Your Spouse in Church,” but I thought you would think I meant places in the church rather than places on their body. If you were looking for places in the church, I guess we could unpack that a bit, right?! The choir loft? The sound booth? Behind the coffee bar? The kitchen? The closet where they store the tables that seat eight?

Yeah, I don’t know your church, so that’s on you to get creative. Just remember the real estate rule. Location. Location. Location.

What I CAN talk about are places on your spouse’s body you can appropriately touch so they passionately get the message, “Hey! I’m so glad you’re way more than my pal! I’m so glad you’re my lover, too!”

5 Arousing Ways You Can Touch Your Spouse in Church (or Anywhere, Really!)

1. Inner arm and bend of their elbow

This works best if they have on a short sleeve shirt so you can have skin-to-skin contact. As you are sitting next to each other, gently caress with your fingertips the interior side of their arm, from the wrist up to their elbow. Softly change direction and move along the crease of the elbow.

As a wife, if your husband has on a short sleeve shirt or a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, caressing his arm just under the hem of his shirt sleeve can be super sexy.

Caressing the arm feels wonderful. A few arm tingles go a long way in sending the message that you desire your spouse immensely.

2 On their hands and fingers

While we are talking about the arm, we should mention the hands and fingers, too. You’ll mostly do this with their hand that is closest to you, as it would be quite awkward to try to be caressing both hands.

Husbands may find it particularly sensual if as a wife you gently use your pointer finger to trace each of his fingers. Why can this feel so arousing? Because he easily can imagine you doing the same thing with his penis. Using your finger to caress and trace his finger is quite the stimulating visual.

This same erotic touch works for a wife, too, so husbands pay close attention. When you use your pointer finger to trace down at the base of where two fingers meet, do you see the feeling and visual that can create?

And how awesome is it that you can have erotic touches like this that are discreet enough that others around you would never shoot you a disapproving glance? Marriage is such an lovely playground for a husband and a wife!

3. On their thigh and knee

This one is not too surprising. When you gently lay your hand on your spouse’s thigh or knee and/or use your fingertips to lightly caress this area and trace the knee cap, it feels quite affirming. Even just resting your hand on their leg can feel so sensually reassuring.

Obviously, with any public touches on the legs, you have to be appropriate. No blatant touches that are too lateral near the genitals. Keep it clean kiddos.

4. On the back of their neck

Whether you are sitting or standing next to each other, it is easy to reach up to your spouse’s neck and use your fingertips to gently caress. The area of the neck at the base of the head is full of nerve endings (just like the entire scalp).

A good mix of light and firm massages and caresses, and even some gentle pulls on the hair in that area, are subtle expressions of sensual love.

5. In the small of their back

If you are standing next to your spouse, simply run your hand and fingertips along the small of their back, right near their waistline. If they are wearing slacks or jeans, subtly running your fingers along the top of their pants so that your fingers slightly touch their body through their shirt—that’s a great touch technique that expresses desire and affirmation.

For added stimulation, then run your hand gently up their spine and back down again.

So there you have it. Superbly arousing ways to appropriately touch each other in church! Not only will you be sending a positive message to your spouse, you’ll be sending a positive message about marriage to anyone who sees you.

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