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BETTER Sex in Your Christian Marriage

What Does Sex Mean to Your Marriage? Here’s a Simple Way to Find Out.

What does sex mean to your marriage?

I’m not a professional counselor or doctor or theologian, and honestly, many of us aren’t those things.

Don’t get me wrong… I value their insights tremendously.

But even if we don’t have a lot of credentials, we still can gather a smattering of common sense to get at the heart of this question:

What does sex mean to your marriage?

There really is a simple way to find out.

I humbly encourage you and your spouse to sit down, each with a blank sheet of paper, and respond to the below statements.

Individually write your answers alone, and then come together and share openly what you each wrote. Use it as a springboard into humble, safe, authentic conversation about sex in your marriage:

  • List all of the PROS of nurturing sex in your marriage.  What are the benefits?

  • List all of the CONS of not nurturing sex in your marriage.  What are the negative outcomes?

In a few days, I will do another post and share my answers.  It’s not that my answers are “right” — I just didn’t want to share them immediately because I am hoping you will genuinely look into your own heart and life and see what answers you arrive at.

For most couples, what you write will reveal the answer to the question:

What does sex mean to your marriage?

Let’s be the body of Christ in how we encourage and uphold marriages around us.  You can make a difference in other marriages by sharing this post and encouraging others to come up with their own lists.

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