When Grocery Shopping is a Nice Reprieve


grocery-shopping-as-a-reprieveThese are weird times we are living in.

I actually look forward to going to the grocery store. Even before the pandemic, I never disliked grocery shopping. But I can honestly say now that I am giddy about it.

Downright euphoric about getting out of the house and going to the grocery store.

We also car shopped today because the transmission went out on our 2004 Honda Pilot that we have had for 14 years.

We walked around a car lot, talking to the car salesman through our masks. For masks, we use gaiters, which are a stretchy piece of material that runners use to keep their necks cool. When pulled up over our noses and mouths, we look like we could be preparing to rob a bank.

But we were just car shopping.

Confusing times we are living in.

I know for some of you reading this, you are deep into the throes of crisis that seems to worsen by the day because of this pandemic. Joblessness. Financial strain and devastation. Loved ones in nursing homes.

I think we all are doing the best we can.

No matter what you’re walking through right now, I hope you are giving yourself some grace. I hope your marriage is at least holding steady. If it’s getting stronger and better, that’s awesome. Sometimes crisis does that to a relationship.

If you are simply maintaining, that’s maybe the best you can do in the midst of crisis. It’s okay. That’s where we have been. Just maintaining. The virus chaos and social distancing are really the least of our stresses right now, if you can believe it. I can’t elaborate. You’ll just have to trust me on this. Maintaining is all we can muster.

If you feel your marriage slipping and getting worse, do what you can to pump the brakes a bit. Pause. Breathe deep. Don’t exacerbate things.

If going to the grocery store isn’t your reprieve, that’s okay. Find a reprieve, though. Maybe it’s sitting outside for awhile, just to feel the sun and breeze on your face. Maybe it’s digging into God’s Word or into another book you’ve been longing to read. Maybe it’s connecting with a friend on the phone.

Find a reprieve, okay? We all need a reprieve.

These are hard times we are living in.

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