Did You Miss These Posts by Other Marriage Bloggers?

Recently I asked fellow bloggers in the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association to share with me links to their favorite posts from 2017.

The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association is simply a community of people with a heart for encouraging marriages through blogs.

We come from various backgrounds and experiences and perspectives.  We don’t always agree, but we do seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in the ways we speak into marriages.

The links from those who responded to my request are below. Within these posts may be just the words or insights you need to hear.  Glean what applies to your situation and continue to seek ways to grow!

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How to Have the Sex Talk With Your Spouse by Dr. Jessica McCleese

One Reason to Make Love More Often by Scott Means

When to Hold On and When to Let Go by Jack and Janet Surrett

Remember Whose Daughter You Are by Chris Taylor

Thoughts of a Depressed Pastor: 4 Steps to Escaping Depression by Pastor Dave Barringer

From a Porn Scene Mentality to Intimacy with Your Wife by Stu Tutt

Be the Voice by The Curmudgeonly Librarian

A Letter to the Low Drive Husband by J. Parker

On “Pigs,” Good Men, and the Difference by J. Parker

How Did You and Your Spouse Meet? Here’s My Story by J. Parker

Barriers to Having Great Sex by Ruth Buezis

The Power of Righteous Anger by Ruth Buezis

Do We Want to Know, Even About Pornography? by Ruth Buezis

25 Reasons God Made Sex Really Good by Bonny Logsdon Burns

Revisiting the Most Beautiful Woman (“The Mental Scorecard Explained” by Jason Graves

Roles of Biblical Manhood: The Provider by Daren Dilts

Here’s to stronger marriages in 2018!

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