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Still Learning How to Be Married. Still Learning.

learning-how-to-be-marriedI just don’t think we ever stop learning how to be married.

I’m not too thrilled about that reality, mind you. It would be nice to reach a point of arrival, so to speak. A place where the learning isn’t… I don’t know… necessary?

But I’m not the same person he married all those years ago. And he’s not the same man. And we’re definitely not the same us.

That’s not such a bad thing. In fact, I look back on all the growth we’ve garnered along the way and  I do feel wiser for it. Better equipped to do life. More resolved and more discerning.

I’m more grateful for the small joys, because let’s face it… sometimes there are seasons in marriage where you aren’t going to get any big joys. Nada. Gotta count the small ones and be genuinely grateful.

Are you still learning to be married?

The hope and prayer, of course, is we learn in a way that we understand independence and oneness in holy and profound ways. Sometimes the hard part is accepting that we as husband and wife are the ones who have to do the learning. Sure, we have access to insights from marriage experts and from the best Expert of all in the Lord. But the actual learning part is on us.

So the question I leave you today is this—What are you learning right now about what it means to be married?

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