Sex After the Super Bowl?! Great Way to Celebrate (or Console?!)


sex-after-the-superbowlAhh, the Super Bowl!

Some watch for the game. Some watch for the commercials. And for some it’s all about the snacks. Let me hear it for the snack camp!!

And yes, I know. For some of you, the Super Bowl means nothing. That’s cool, too! This is a no-judgment zone, my friends.

My husband and I don’t get the craze about soccer (not even a little bit), so I can appreciate some people aren’t that hyped about football.

But as married couples, we can get excited about sex, right?!

And not that you need an excuse to have sex (Because you don’t. Word to the wise, you do not need an excuse). But since the big game is today, what better way to follow up the game than with some naked tackling of your own?

Whether your team wins or loses, sex can be a great way to use up that pent up energy.

You’ll either be really excited and bouncing off the walls that your team won. Or you’ll be horribly frustrated your team lost—ready to “snap”—especially if it comes down to one or two plays or calls. Sex can be your way to release all that energy! You’re welcome. I’m just a bounty of good ideas to get you into bed, aren’t I?

So whether you are watching the game with friends or just as a couple or with your immediate family at home, get a little frisky with each other throughout the evening. Be discreet and appropriate, of course, if you are around others. Keep the flirtatious tendencies with each other inbounds. Have a neutral zone.

On the other hand, if you and your spouse are alone in the privacy of your home, be direct and obvious! Nothing like a little “holding” and “interference” to keep you close as you (fore)play. Maybe even some illegal use of the hands or roughing the passer? Have some fun in your family room!

I should tap out now. None of us can take too many more of my football puns. I fear I’m just getting warmed up.

Now get out there tonight after the big game and score. Run it up the middle. Just don’t go half the distance. Go all the way, okay?!

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3 thoughts on “Sex After the Super Bowl?! Great Way to Celebrate (or Console?!)

  1. Ron says:

    That’s a great idea, but how many wife’s would do that? We have bet on the Superbowl before and both times I lost. If I won, I got sex everyday for a week, if she won, no sex for a week. I lost both times and after that, she would tease me about making another bet on the superbowl, haven’t done that lately!
    Love your website by the way.

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