Generous Wife Shares Generously About Great Sex in Marriage

Years ago when I dipped my toe into this adventure of blogging on sex in marriage, I looked first to the tremendous path that had already been forged by Lori Byerly and her husband, Paul.

Lori blogs at The Generous Wife and Paul blogs at The Generous Husband and The XY Code. Their original site (the one to which I was first drawn) is The Marriage Bed.

The Byerlys continue to be such faithful stewards and contributors in the community of Christian bloggers focusing on sex in marriage.

Like a lot of us, they speak out of their own story, as well as share encouraging insights, research findings, and links to other posts they think will be helpful.

I’ve had lunch with the Byerlys a couple of times and they are as genuine in person as they are in their blogs. You can read about our first meeting and see a photo of the three of us at this link.

Lori and I and several other Christian women who blog on sex have formed a great network — sisters in Christ committed to speaking hope and truth, particularly to women who may be struggling with sex in their marriages.

Below are Lori’s answers to a couple of questions I’ve been asking my fellow bloggers.

1. Why did you start writing/speaking about sexual intimacy in marriage?

My husband and I struggled sexually in the early years of our marriage. I know what it’s like to feel clueless and not know how to fix things. I try to encourage gals, share helpful ideas, and point to good resources.

2. What do you hope readers/listeners gain from visiting your site?

I want to give gals a daily reminder that their choices and behavior can bring good change to their marriage.

Post she would like to share: Tip Me Over

Be sure to cruise around her site a bit and I know you will find many other resources and posts that could enrich your marriage.

Thank you, Lori, for all you do and for courageously being one of the first Christian wives to use the Internet to speak so authentically and openly about sex in marriage. I and so many others who followed are tremendously grateful!

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