Forgiven Wife Speaks Authentically Out of Her Own Sexual Struggles and Encourages Other Wives

It’s my goal to make you aware of great sexual intimacy blogs, so today I’m highlighting The Forgiven Wife by Chris Taylor.

Below are Chris’ answers to a couple of questions I’ve been asking my fellow bloggers.

1. Why did you start writing/speaking about sexual intimacy in marriage?

When I began my journey to repair the sexual intimacy in my marriage, I was pretty much on my own in figuring out how to do it. I saw a need for a space where women could find encouragement throughout the process of restoring sexual intimacy. My blog grew in that space.

2. What do you hope readers/listeners gain from visiting your site?

I hope that when women come to my blog, they find reassurance in knowing they are not alone in the emotions and difficulty of working on sexual intimacy. I want them to find a soft place to land while they’re struggling, along with inspiration to get back up and get moving again.

Favorite Post:  Keeper of the Gate  Chris shared this about the post… It is an allegory using the garden imagery for Song of Solomon to show what happens when we try to dictate everything about the marriage bed. God has given sexual intimacy to husbands and wives, to strengthen our marriages and to bring us connection and great pleasure. When I was putting up walls and installing gates in our marriage bed, our marriage suffered.

I love this post for two reasons. One reason is that the experience of writing it showed me not only how much I had dampened the joy in our marriage, but also how wonderful things had become for us. The other reason is that I had fun writing it — to the point that I was laughing out loud.

Thank you, Chris! Keep encouraging women in their marriages, because you are making a difference.

I encourage my readers to check out Chris’ blog The Forgiven Wife, if you haven’t already. I am confident you’ll pick up some insights that will be a blessing to you and your marriage!

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