Who Gets the Prime Real Estate of Your Heart?


prime-real-estate-of-your-heartThe older I get, the more I think about this.

Who gets the prime real estate of my heart?

Whom have a welcomed in and allowed to set up camp? Who gets my time and energy and equips me to live and love more fully?

I’m not saying every person in our life is a fav, because life is messy. Everyone in your life can’t be a fav.

But the ones who aren’t your favs—the ones you have to tolerate to a degree and can’t completely avoid—they shouldn’t get too much of the real estate of your heart. And they definitely shouldn’t get the prime real estate.

They shouldn’t get your deepest vulnerability or your precious quality time or your raw joy and pain. They shouldn’t be on your crisis team.

If you are wondering who deserves the prime real estate of your heart, the “crisis team test” is actually a fabulous clarifier. If you were in crisis at 2 a.m., who could you call? To hone in even more, don’t just ask yourself, “Who could I call?” Ask yourself, “Who would I call?”

I have several close people I could call at 2 a.m. I have a handful of treasured confidantes I definitely would call. They would be first on the list. They’ve built steadily and beautifully and faithfully on the prime real estate of my heart.

Who gets the prime real estate of your heart? It is a vital question.

The people we allow to inhabit our heart will always play a much greater role than we realize. It’s why we have to be diligent and discerning about the people we allow to stand on the prime real estate of our heart and claim it. 

Location. Location. Location. Prime real estate of the heart matters. Choose wisely whom you want living there.

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1 thoughts on “Who Gets the Prime Real Estate of Your Heart?

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m struggling with this right now in my marriage. I don’t love my husband, I try to tolerate him. I want to give up, he doesn’t. I’ve basically kicked him out of my heart and he’s demanding I let him back in because “God doesn’t condone divorce” Sex has become physically and emotionally painful for me. Anyways, we start counseling this week but I’m not hopeful. I feel…done.

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