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Sexually Speaking, What Will Help You Move Forward With Confidence?

moving-forward-with-confidenceI received a comment the other day from a faithful reader who shared that he and his wife “keep moving forward with confidence.”

He shared candidly that they, like all of us, are broken people living in a broken world, and they rely much on the Lord’s profound love and forgiveness as guidance for growth in their marriage.

I think often we keep God at arm’s length when it comes to the sexual brokenness, growth and joy in our marriages.

But as my reader clearly shares, it is when we grasp and accept the deep love God has for us, we then are better equipped to love our spouse (sexually and otherwise).

I’m not sure where you are sexually in your marriage. Maybe you’re not feeling all that confident.

Maybe you have regrets about your own sin and carelessness. Or maybe you have resentment about your spouse’s sin and carelessness.

Maybe sexually you’ve experienced healing in your marriage, and the chasm that once caused so much angst in your intimacy is now not as painful. 

Maybe sexually you’ve always had good communication and connection, and any struggles were things you could easily resolve.

Regardless of where you see yourself in the above scenarios (or any ones I didn’t mention), God is steadfast.

He sees and knows. He loves still. He calls us out of dark places and comforts and guides us in bewildering places. And He celebrates the holy sexual pleasure and oneness we experience in marriage. He sees and knows.

God can indeed help you move forward with confidence, even if your situation is still painful or discouraging. He can meet you in broken places, remind you of your deep worth.

My hope, of course, too is that if you and your spouse are growing, that you don’t lose your grip on the Lord—but rather, you press into Him more. He’s steadfast. Always equipping and always loving.

Will you let Him help you move forward with confidence?

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