When the Vision Board Gets Derailed…


vision-board-derailmentFor the first time in my life, I made a vision board at the beginning of the year.

Yes. This year.

Of all the years I could have made a vision board, I chose this year to be my first go at it. I even went to a workshop to do this.

I gathered with other amazing and enthusiastic women at this off-the-beaten-path boutique, where I easily could have spent oodles of money on the most practical and hip clothing and accessories I have ever seen.

I kid you not.

We sprawled across the floor with our magazines and markers and motivational quotes. We oohed and ahhed over each other’s creative and determined declarations of the possibilities for 2020. I met some new friends—fellow women warriors eager to go after 2020 with passion and purpose. I left feeling encouraged and empowered and edified.

I also left having purchased these incredibly comfortable and charming high-top tennis shoes. But that’s really not relevant to the vision board workshop.

Want to know the two most prominent quotes on my vision board?

“Everything is figureoutable.” — Marie Forleo

“You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” — Author Unknown

I am falling down drunk in love with both of those quotes. When I got home from the vision board workshop, I promptly and proudly hung my board up in my office near my desk, adrenaline pumped to make it all reality. I had put five goals on my vision board. I am on track to achieve only one of them—blog every day.

Of all the years I chose to do a vision board, I chose this year. 2020. What a loose cannon and low budget B movie this year has thus far turned out to be. Completely unpredictable. Completely off the rails. And for me, this was true BEFORE the pandemic escalated and the stock market tanked and toilet paper disappeared and we learned what PPE means and countless parents became painfully reacquainted with Algebra.

Two other crises had slammed into my life in January and early February, so the pandemic became salt in the already open wound of my chaos.

My vision board literally fell off the wall the other day, landing all crooked and forlorn near a windowsill. It seemed apt commentary on how the year and vision have been going.

But you know what? I’m going to cling to those two quotes. Everything is figureoutable. And I didn’t come this far to only come this far. Even if you didn’t do a vision board this year, I have no doubt your year has been derailed in some way.

And hopefully there has been some good (or at least some reflective revelation) that has come from the derailment. I struggle some days to find the good, but I’m an optimist at heart. I believe 2020 isn’t going to have the final say.

And if I reach Dec. 31 having achieved only the one goal—to blog every day—then I’m going to celebrate that. I’ll say quietly to myself, “You did the best you could, girl. You did the best you could.” I’ll be wearing my incredibly comfortable and charming high-tops.

And I will sprawl across the floor with my magazines and markers and motivational quotes, and I will envision my 2021 with a vengeance.

With a vengeance, people. With a vengeance.

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1 thoughts on “When the Vision Board Gets Derailed…

  1. J. Parker says:

    And here I am, finally reading this just days after the death of a black man at the hands of a police officer and with protests still going on. What a heartbreaking year this has been! But I remain hopeful, because…Christ. That’s all I’ve got at this point. Because of Christ, I have hope and the family I have and the friends I cherish and the future that’s certain. Glad to have you in that Cherish Circle. ♥

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