Celebrate the Sexual Healing in Your Marriage


celebrating-sexual-healingSo many marriages face sexual intimacy struggles. 

We probably could even argue that nearly every marriage has some degree of sexual struggle at one point or another. The nature of those sexual struggles, as well as the toll they take on a marriage, can run quite gamut.

It can be hard fought to wade through the sexual struggle muck and come out on the other side still married and still with hope.

But just as many marriages face sexual intimacy struggles, many also chip away at those struggles. Many move beyond the sexual lethargy. There are marriages that heal.

Maybe your marriage has experienced sexual healing. And let’s remember that it’s not about complete healing as much as it is about progress. Little victories. Incremental steps toward better patterns. New revelations about God’s plan for sex.

We are always learning how to be married. That’s as true with sexual connection as it is with anything in the relationship.

On my vision board that I made at the beginning of the year is the quote, “Don’t give up. Great things take time.” Great things DO take time.

I encourage you to celebrate the progress you have made. Celebrate that you are relating better now sexually than you were in months or years past. Celebrate that you keep trying together as husband and wife, even if you stumble every now and then.

Call it out—this sexual healing. Give voice to what the two of you have been able to do. And celebrate it.

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1 thoughts on “Celebrate the Sexual Healing in Your Marriage

  1. Running Deeper says:

    Yes, I agree. Actually, anything worth fighting for is worth fighting for! 😉😀 Too often we give up too soon, we lose focus on what really matters.

    Though my wife & I have been married for nearly 40yrs we are still working on our marriage, making something great even better still. It’s hard work and it’s so easy to simply sit back and relax with the great already achieved. But I honestly believe, that in doing so we rob ourselves of even more joy, more intimacy, more fun, more…

    It’s like my relationship with Jesus. I’m never “satisfied” with where I am at in my walk with Him. I want to go deeper, learn more, grow more so I can become more and more like Him on a daily basis.

    My relationship with my wife, like my relationship with Jesus, is something I want to fight for, DAILY!! I’ve come a long way in my sexual healing and we have come a long way in our sexual healing and relationship but I want more!! Cheers.

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