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Purpose of Orgasm? You Tell Me.

What do you think is the purpose of orgasm?

I was pondering this as I was watching the March 19 episode of Nightline, where they did a segment on female orgasm.

They even showed researchers observing a woman’s brain activity as she brought herself to orgasm while in an MRI machine.

Why do I never get called for research like this? I’m not sure I could masturbate under such circumstances, but maybe I could.  All in the name of science.

At one point in the segment, the reporter asked one of the doctors what the purpose of orgasm is.  I was a little disappointed in his answer, because he immediately responded with “procreation” — that we would not reproduce if it weren’t for orgasm.

Ironically, in the same segment, they said that upwards of 75% of women do not have an orgasm during intercourse.

I’m no math genius (okay, I was barely a math class attendee), but even I can see some problems when we run the numbers:

If most women aren’t reaching orgasm during sex, a logical result would be that the human race would be at risk of extinction, right?

In reality, we have countless women who, during sex, are contemplating what color to paint the ceiling — and yet they still manage to fill their homes and mini-vans with rugrats.

No matter how the research is spun, orgasm just isn’t a “must have” ingredient for the baby-making recipe.

I always cringe a little when I hear people say that the purpose of orgasm is to get us to have sex, as if God needed to use some sort of trick to populate His earth.

We do not serve a Lord who resorts to trickery to accomplish His plans.  It’s just not His demeanor to succumb to such tactics.

Could it be that there is more to orgasm than surface interpretations?

Could it be that sexual pleasure, bonding and connection — in their right context — were indeed greater goals of God when He designed sex?

The clitoris serves no other purpose but sexual pleasure in a woman. Yet we have droves of people (men and women) who still minimize the significance of a wife’s sexual pleasure.

Sadly, wives are often at the top of the list, treating orgasm as if it is a delectable treat locked behind a glass case, never (or rarely) to be reached.

The physical ecstasy of orgasm is indeed profound (even scientists agree with this).  Nothing. Quite. Compares.

But while sexual pleasure in and of itself is amazing, there is something else going on when a husband and wife each climax (I’m not even talking about climaxing at the same time… I’m simply talking about what happens when a husband and wife experience sexual pleasure in one another’s arms).

The common analogy used is “spiritual glue” — that sex bonds two people in a way that we couldn’t fully comprehend, even if we wanted to.  It is physical glue too, as the hormone oxytocin, present during arousal and sexual activity, aids in those sensations of closeness.

Of course, this is why sex outside of marriage is so horrendously destructive — and why sex within marriage is so amazingly vital.

Through sexual intimacy, God meant for a man and woman to get “stuck” together, so to speak — He just meant for that to happen after they have first made a verbal marital vow to stay together.

Sexual intimacy that is nurtured endears a husband and wife to one another.  My husband and I are nicer to each other when we pay close attention to our sexual intimacy.

We better understand our marriage vows.

We have greater appreciation for the sheer amount of effort it takes to do life together. Sex helps equip us emotionally, mentally and physically to do that.

Plus it’s a heck of a lot of fun!!  How it must bring God joy when His kids delight in something He designed!

Do you want to worship the Lord in your marriage? One way to do that is to make love authentically and often.

If you rarely or never experience orgasm, something’s gotta give in this area… I encourage you to see that there are countless benefits to you and your marriage when you climax.

If you are struggling, do not lose hope.  Read all of the posts I’ve listed below — and any other Christian resources you can find on this topic — so that you don’t continue to miss out on sexual pleasure.

The purpose of orgasm? You tell me. Husbands and wives, please chime in and comment on this post.

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