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Most Unusual Place You’ve Had Sex?

I wish I had a super creative story on an unusual place my husband and I have had sex.

I wish it was a plane. Or a boat. Or sneaking away randomly at a party.

I do have a story — it’s just not that adventurous (I will get to it in a second, though!)  I think we may need to up our game soon and have some sexual adventure someplace other than our bed!

I am betting a few of you have some creative stories, right?!

Sometimes having sex in an unusual place happens out of necessity (that’s our story), and sometimes it is out of a desire for some excitement to try something new.

Occasionally people ask me if it is okay to have sex in a place other than their bed or home, and of course I answer with an enthusiastic YES! It is wise to maintain privacy and not break any laws or workplace policies, of course, but other than that, I think a husband and wife are free to get creative!

So I will share our story (you know, the not-very-adventurous one). And then I am hoping a few of you share yours in the comments. You can do it anonymously. You don’t have to use your real name or email address.

Just remember that I have my blog set up so the comments don’t appear automatically. I have to go in and click a button so they will post (I have that in place as a precaution, because I would get a lot of spammy comments otherwise, and no one wants to read those).

Okay, our story…

We were on vacation years ago with our grade-school aged kids, so obviously we were all in the same hotel room. BUT my husband and I were so turned on (not to mention we needed a little stress relief!) This was a long vacation, so it’s not like there was going to be a moment when we weren’t with our kids.

We put the kids in front of the TV and had sex in the hotel bathroom.  (I know. I know. So lame as far as sexual adventure goes).

Certainly a few of you can top THAT, right?!!  I’m counting on it! Tell your funny creative stories in the comments!

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