Most Unusual Place You’ve Had Sex?

I wish I had a super creative story on an unusual place my husband and I have had sex.

I wish it was a plane. Or a boat. Or sneaking away randomly at a party.

I do have a story — it’s just not that adventurous (I will get to it in a second, though!)  I think we may need to up our game soon and have some sexual adventure someplace other than our bed!

I am betting a few of you have some creative stories, right?!

Sometimes having sex in an unusual place happens out of necessity (that’s our story), and sometimes it is out of a desire for some excitement to try something new.

Occasionally people ask me if it is okay to have sex in a place other than their bed or home, and of course I answer with an enthusiastic YES! It is wise to maintain privacy and not break any laws or workplace policies, of course, but other than that, I think a husband and wife are free to get creative!

So I will share our story (you know, the not-very-adventurous one). And then I am hoping a few of you share yours in the comments. You can do it anonymously. You don’t have to use your real name or email address.

Just remember that I have my blog set up so the comments don’t appear automatically. I have to go in and click a button so they will post (I have that in place as a precaution, because I would get a lot of spammy comments otherwise, and no one wants to read those).

Okay, our story…

We were on vacation years ago with our grade-school aged kids, so obviously we were all in the same hotel room. BUT my husband and I were so turned on (not to mention we needed a little stress relief!) This was a long vacation, so it’s not like there was going to be a moment when we weren’t with our kids.

We put the kids in front of the TV and had sex in the hotel bathroom.  (I know. I know. So lame as far as sexual adventure goes).

Certainly a few of you can top THAT, right?!!  I’m counting on it! Tell your funny creative stories in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Most Unusual Place You’ve Had Sex?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t call it adventurous. More like stupid. At my in-laws house in a sitting room next to the dining room where my in-laws were sitting at the table reading the paper. No doors closed. It didn’t last long though. Just one those “feeling good at the moment” sessions. They thought we we just sitting in the next room talking. MIL even asked my wife a question during. Adventurous? In the car parked in the garage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Backyard during a weekday for a nooner. The cars in the garage at night with the doors open. Hotel balconies. The high school band instrument storage room (alas pre-marriage).

  3. Steve says:

    Went out on a motor cycle ride and we stopped by the docks of course it was dark but had oral fun there then it moved to under the bridge where we enjoyed each other, thank goodness for heavy leather jackets. Lol the thought behind this was to enjoy each other as many times in one night at different places. So all in all I think it was 7 diff places but all outside by the water on the motorcycle, the great part of the motorcycle is your always pressed against each other so you can feel what the other is thinking. def have to be creative but that was the whole point was being creative and what we could think of next. Def ready for it again!!

  4. Dave says:

    At a church event, in a public park, we went for a walk down a hiking trail (by ourselves), and had sex in the woods up against a tree. There have been several others since then, but that’s one of my favorites.

  5. Ray says:

    Ha! We have done it in a hotel bathroom with the kids in out the main room too. It may not sound too adventurous, but it felt pretty adventurous at the time. 🙂

    PS. I wonder if it was the same hotel bathroom. That would make it a more interesting story!

  6. Jeff says:

    The most unusual place we’ve had sex is at my mom’s house. We were considering moving the waterbed I used as a teen to our new house for us. However, we wanted to “test” it out first to see if it would suit our sexual needs. So, we did. My mom was not home at the time. Oh, and we ended up moving the waterbed to our new house.

  7. Rather not say this time says:

    In the back bench seat of a van … that my parents were driving! … It was daylight out, but it was a long trip, so my wife and I rested and were kindof side-spooning, well things advanced from there. I shared with my Dad several years later about the adventure and he just smiled and shook his head with a “thats my boy” type grin. He remembered the trip, but said he was none the wiser. In our sharing, he told me the he and my mom made love in the hotel bathroom (that we stopped at on that same trip). They were “getting ready for bed”, while my wife and I watch mindless TV. I was none the wiser 🙂

  8. Fond Memories says:

    In an airplane bathroom during a long flight, with turbulence. In the trunk of a Toyota Corolla in an airport parking garage while waiting for a friend’s flight to arrive. In the car parked behind bushes at the side of the road while driving home, to anxious too wait. In the car in the garage. In the bushes off the side of a trail during a long hike in Hawaii, and at home. On the bathroom floor during a party with friends and family downstairs. Many fun and exciting places some of which I’m probably forgetting. Then, four and a half years ago, our daughter was born. Goodbye sex. ;(

  9. Robert says:

    On an arboretum park bench during a friend’s wedding (the place was completely empty and we were on the complete opposite side of the arboretum where the wedding was.

    On a secluded beach in Maui.

    On a large wooden lani while heavy rain down-poured.

    In a hotel spa at night (only us in there of course).

  10. Bruce says:

    We live in a rural area. Last spring had a beautiful clear evening so we put our foam camping mattres, pillows and blankets in back of pickup and went for a drive to look at the stars. We found a minimum maintenance road and parked. The breeze was just right to keep the bugs away, but not to strong. We had a wonderful time laying there talking looking at the stars and watching the planes and satellites. We ended up making love and falling asleep. We woke up after 2am and went home.

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