How Going Away Brings You Together

Okay, I just have to say, I was going to title this “How Going Away Helps You Come Together,” but I thought too many minds might wander on that one (not a bad thing necessarily, but hey…we gotta stay focused here).

My lover (a.k.a Husband) and I snuck away for four days to Phoenix last week.  It was the first time we’ve been away since our honeymoon, so we were way overdue.  Nothing like getting away to someplace warm to rejuvenate and relax (Omaha sadly has been  stalled since last November in a palette of gray and cold).

One of the best things about getting away as a couple?  (I mean, besides all the great sex with the bedroom door open, not eating at restaurants with ketchup dispensers, and being able to enjoy spring training baseball games without a small child spilling slushie down the guy sitting in front of you?)  Hmmm… it’s hard to decide….

But, I think the best thing about getting away was soaking in long uninterrupted conversations with my Beloved.  We brought along this book with great conversation starters (“What do you think are my three greatest strengths? How do they complement your strengths?”)  The book is Two Hearts Are Better Than One by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

You don’t have buy a book to weave into your life on-going indepth study of each other.  Come up with your own questions.  Or check out a recent post by Stu Gray, the Marriage Blogger: Marriage Pop Quiz

What makes sex great?  I don’t have all the answers, but one answer I know for sure — a great friendship with your spouse where you genuinely long to be in each other’s company.  There are no shortcuts to authentic intimacy.  And isn’t that part of what makes it so profound?  The most tender of relational payoffs come from true effort — even gritty hard effort that is exhausting and exhilirating all at the same time!  Be blessed.  Get to knowing your spouse in ways you never have before.

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