What Will Make Sex GREAT for You?


great-sex-in-marriageSome of you are loving this question. Some of you are hating it. You are tempted to click away because it’s just… I don’t know… too painful to even ponder.

Please don’t click away. There might be an aha moment in here for you. Whether you love the question or hate it, there might be an aha moment.

Possibly something will stir in you or your spouse or both of you together (if you are courageous to read this post together).

I think it’s an important question for a married couple, whether you have experienced great sex in the past, are experiencing it now, or want to experience it in the future.

What will make sex great for you?

I wish we could all gather in a room and have some genuine dialogue about this. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to hear what people would say, not as a way to listen voyeuristically about intimate details — that’s not at all what I’m getting at — but rather to see what common themes surface in what makes sex great in a marriage?

Would any of the below be on your list?

Sex will be great for me when…

We genuinely believe God made sex for our good as a married couple

We embrace and savor sexual pleasure for both of us

I can initiate sex without fear of being scolded or carelessly shut down

We work through sexual struggles

I can touch my spouse affectionately and have it well received

I can express how good it feels to be sexually desired

My spouse tells me and shows me they want me sexually

My spouse pursues me sexually

We are uninhibited sexually with each other

We are intentional in making love often

We don’t let everyday distractions and responsibilities sabotage our intimacy

We are excited to try new positions and touches that are arousing

I get aroused by the way my spouse talks to me seductively

My spouse and/or I stop treating sex as merely optional in our marriage

I am completely vulnerable with my spouse about sex

My spouse is completely vulnerable with me

We protect our time together as a couple

We seek God’s truth about sex in marriage, rather than relying on skewed messages from our past or even from well-meaning Christians

We view sex as crucial to the health of our relationship

We see foreplay, arousal, and orgasm as fabulous aspects of our marriage

We never stop learning each other’s bodies, no matter the life stage or body changes

We are no longer tripped up by sexual sins of our past

We walk in God’s forgiveness and redemption over any past promiscuity

We individually and together seek healing and wholeness over past sexual trauma

I can tell my spouse how much sex means to me

I am turned on by turning my spouse on

We never stop sexually connecting with each other on some level, even if sexual intercourse is no longer possible

We unabashedly are happy to say we are Christians who love sex

If you printed this list off, what would most catch your eye? What would you highlight enthusiastically or circle a million times with a marker?

And what would you add to the list that I didn’t include?

I spend a lot of time helping other people have great sex, whether it be through my writing or speaking or individual encouragement. I do that because I believe married couples should be the strongest advocates for authentic and God-honoring sexual intimacy.

And I do it because I love sex.

What will make sex great for you? How would you answer that question? How would your spouse answer it?

It’s a question worth answering.

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3 thoughts on “What Will Make Sex GREAT for You?

  1. Anonymous says:

    My spouse pursues me sexually…This would make sex great for me. In 40 years of marriage, my spouse has only initiated sex once…:(

  2. RK says:

    I wish I had A sex life! I’ve been sexless for 14 years ( out of 43) My wife has never liked her body—- overweight, varicose veins, bilateral mastectomy so don’t touch me. I can count on 1 hand memorable sex ( 2 were getting pregnant). She was only interested in sex to get pregnant, other than that, sex was something to endure, a real nuisance!
    I remember her last comment years ago—oh, go ahead and do it! I can’t imagine what sex two times a month would be like.I know we are sinning by not honoring our wedding vows to have and to hold and God’s word for husbands and wives. I have little hope of any improvement and am praying for a miracle

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