Help Me Help You Have Better Sex in Your Marriage

I’m living my best life when I write and speak on sex. Sure, I live my best life in other ways too, but helping people like you experience more authentic and passionate sexual intimacy in their marriage is God’s calling on my heart.

And I’m humbly blessed to walk in that calling. I don’t take it lightly.

In that vein, I want to share some exciting news! I’m making a way for you to get exclusive content from me. 

I’m going to start using the platform Patreon. It’s just one more tool, you guys! One more way you can learn about sexual intimacy and deepen your relationship with your spouse.

Patreon is a membership platform where for only $5 a month—yes, you read that right—you can get exclusive content from me. I. Kid. You. Not.

The cost of a latte.

Even more exciting, if you choose the $10 a month tier—or, what I call the “two latte option”—you get even more exclusive content!

I chose low membership pricing because I don’t want to price anyone out. Your marriage is worth this… worth the tips you will pick up for $5 or $10 a month. I want to encourage you and support my ministry and family at the same time.  It’s a win-win. 

Think of it this way—you likely already invest monetarily in your marriage, right?! Maybe in ways where you don’t even give a second thought to lay down some money. Date nights. Cards. Tokens of love. Picking up your spouse’s favorite ice cream. Buying a small gift “just because.” Getting your spouse’s favorite latte.

What I’ve set up on Patreon is a lot like that. One more reasonably-priced way to invest in your relationship. 

My guess is many of you are like, “Game on! Let’s do this thing!” If so, just scoot on over to this link: or click on the image below:

But for a better perspective and to hear me share my heart a bit more, I encourage you to click on the below video.

You’ll be glad you did…




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