Have You Missed Any Weddings Because of the Pandemic?


weddings-during-the-pandemicWe were invited to two weddings scheduled for this month.

One did happen today, and because it was our neighbors’ daughter, we were able to watch from a distance. They had adjusted their plan to still get married today, only they did it in the backyard with only a few guests. They’ll have the party at the original venue at a later date.

Another wedding for which we received an invitation will still happen May 16, but only with immediate family. That reception too will happen later this summer.

And the daughter of a friend of mine had a wedding date all lined up for August, but they now are moving the entire wedding and celebration to the spring of 2021.

Many couples are going ahead with weddings and some are holding off, but regardless of the various circumstances, I think we can all agree that now and for the next several months, it’s a memorable—and bewildering—time to be getting married.

It makes me think of how many couples married before young soldiers headed overseas in WWII. I love reading about both sets of my grandparents who married in that era. And I think of other times in history when the world was in turmoil, and couples found a way to make sacred vows amidst uncertain times. I love a good love story.

And though my husband and I have been in the throes of a hard struggle in our life right now, I still reflect fondly on our love story. I miss it, really. The feeling of falling in love. But I know this hard struggle we are in now is bearing some fruit, even if I can’t see it all clearly right now. Weddings are beautiful and endearing and romantic (I deeply loved ours). But the marriage is where the richness is built and rebuilt, over and over again.

I smile when I think of all the marriages getting their start right now, in the middle of what will be remembered as a colossal global crisis. I smile when I think of the young couple who got married next door today. And our friends who will get married May 16.

I pray for solid friendship, profound intimacy and hard-fought resolve to navigate the difficulties and treasure the joys. Oh the stories so many couples will have to tell about what it was like to get married when the world was in crisis!

So what about you? Have you missed any weddings because of the pandemic?

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