Will You Watch This Video?

ty and terri schenzel


ty and terri schenzelI’m asking you to watch a video I’ve embedded in this post.

It has a powerful message of why it is so important to listen to the call God puts upon our hearts.

The video includes interviews with Pastor Ty Schenzel and his wife, Terri, who share authentically about what they did when God called them to pour themselves into desolate parts of Omaha, Nebraska.

It is a message that has resonated deeply the past few weeks in Omaha, where I live.

On the afternoon of August 20, Ty and Terri Schenzel, as well as their friend Ryan Hrubes, were killed in a horrific head-on collision with a man driving the wrong way on the interstate.

Ryan’s wife, Emily, was the only survivor of the accident and continues to recover.

I did not know Ty and Terri well, but I did know them.  Ty and I spoke together at a funeral three years ago, and his genuine love of Christ was undeniable.

So many people felt their loss in Omaha, where they had radically transformed lives by obeying the call God had put on their hearts.

The Schenzels were best known in Omaha for founding the Hope Center for Kids.  Countless lives are different — better — today because of the Schenzels’ relentless pursuit of being Jesus with skin on.

They also were true champions of marriage, as they mentored couples and spoke and wrote frequently on what it takes to build a Christ-centered marriage.

As I sat at their funeral August 26, my heart was wrecked — and encouraged — by their love of Jesus.

As I listened to their four grown children speak with such raw emotion, pain and admiration, I felt tremendously grateful for the impact Ty and Terri made.

So why am I sharing this all with you?

In the video, Ty talks about paying attention to the burden on your heart, whatever it is — the problem God places in your life — that you cannot ignore.

The Schenzels are dead.

But their legacy lives on.

Because they refused to ignore the problem God placed in their life.

“I think when the Lord puts His heart in your heart, it becomes your problem too,” Ty said. “Yeah, I think everybody should have a problem, meaning a cause, a burden, an assignment, a mission.”

Watch the video and you will better understand.

You will better understand why my “problem” — the burden on my heart — is to see marriages healed of their sexual struggles. I agree with Ty.  Everybody needs a problem God puts in their life that they can’t ignore.

God bless who the Schenzels and Ryan Hrubes were to the city of Omaha and, more importantly, to their closest family and friends.  God bless Emily Hrubes.

Will you watch this video? Please.




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1 thoughts on “Will You Watch This Video?

  1. Sheila says:

    I just finished watching the video of Pastor Ty and Terri…..
    I was moved, saddened and encouraged all at the same time.
    Almost immediately I began to ask, “What is MY problem, Lord??”
    I feel an urgency to find out and obey.
    Time is of the essence on this side of Heaven…

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