“Called to Love” Opens Up Possibilities in Your Marriage

I am always on the look out for solid Christian resources about intimacy and marriage.

It is a double bonus when they come from people I know and respect.

That’s why I am able to recommend without reservation “Called to Love: Experiencing Your Best Marriage Through the Words of Jesus.

My friend and fellow marriage champion Alisa DiLorenzo wrote this book because she has a heart to see marriages transformed.

There is no doubt about it that there is a lot of pressure on marriages — on a grand scale in our society and on a personal scale in countless homes.

All the more reason for us to pour ourselves into God’s Word and solid resources.

Called to Love will challenge you to look at your spouse the way Jesus does, to pray for your marriage, and to transform your relationship into what God intended.

Some couples are weary in the journey. Others are hanging on by a thread.  And still others are on a good footing, but still wisely looking to bolster their marriage.

Wherever you are in your relationship, consider it a healthy investment to get a copy of Called to Love.

I am a firm believer that from every resource we can glean insights and nuggets that, when applied in our lives, bring about fruit that is so needed in our homes.

Check out the below video:

As someone who blogs about sex, I regularly work this theme into my message — don’t wait to invest in your marriage.  Take the baby steps.  Address the hard issues.  Build on small successes. Seek godly resources.

You could wait for someday to nurture your relationship.

Or you could start now.

Thank you, Alisa, for fighting the good fight and going to bat for marriages. Called to Love is worth the read!


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