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A Funny Thing Happened While Shopping on Amazon…

funny-amazon-storyWell. A funny thing almost happened.

First the back story. A couple friends and I were sitting on the patio recently, commiserating about life and solving the world’s problems.

And then the topic of sex toys came up. I mentioned that there are sex toys you can control with an app on your phone. They laughed.

Then we started wondering if there are voice-activated sex toys.

We had a good laugh about that, too, and then we actually searched on, of all places, Amazon. (Because if it’s not on Amazon, does it even exist?)

Sure enough. There is a voice-activated vibrator. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it again when I searched later, so I did what many of us do when we want to remember something. We put it in our Amazon cart.

Fast forward a few days, and my husband and I were having dinner with our son and his girlfriend (both in their 20s) and our 15-year-old son. The girlfriend raved about how older son is quite the homemade French fry connoisseur. Apparently, he will slice up potatoes at random hours, drop them in his deep fryer (not once, but twice, so double fried!), and serve them up to his comrades.

With a friend like this, I can’t fathom why a bunch of male 20-somethings would ever leave their college abode.

Back to the Amazon cart.

So I say to older son that he really needs one of those French fry cutters (kind of like an apple corer slicer). If he had one of those, I giddily declare, he could be cutting up fries lickety-split. It would be a bonanza of homemade French fries! 

Always wanting to support my kids in their endeavors, I tell him I’m going to buy him the French fry cutter on Amazon and ship it to his house. Mama J is a rock star! So I find it on Amazon, add it to the cart, change the address to his mailing address, and go to check out.

Just as I am about to hit “Place Your Order,” I notice the price of the cart is quite a bit more than one measly Frency fry cutter. And that’s when I discover that the voice-activated vibrator is exactly where I left it. In my Amazon shopping cart.

But don’t worry. Mama J is still a rock star. I’m happy to report I did not send my college-aged son a sex toy.

But he will be getting the French fry cutter in two days.

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