5 Posts to Jump Start Enrichment of Your Marriage


enrich-your-marriageWant to improve your marriage?

You can do that without spending money or blocking out an entire weekend or solving every hard issue all at once.

Certainly, I am a fan of big effort and investment in a relationship, but I also know that incremental smaller steps can have lasting impact as well.

It’s not an either/or sort of thing, but rather a both/and sort of thing. You can go big at times and go small at times, and it all adds up to a strengthened nurtured relationship with the person you love.

So today I want to point you to a few posts you may find beneficial in that process.

6 Questions to Evaluate the State of Your Union by Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard. Debi wrote this post near the end of last year, but I believe the questions are relevant at any time.

7 Fun and Flirty Take-Turns Games to Play With Your Spouse by J. Parker of Hot Holy & Humorous.  

The Time to Work on Your Marriage is Now by Dustin Riechmann of Engaged Marriage

How to Flirt with Your Husband by Chris Taylor of Forgiven Wife

A Year of Questions for You and Your Spouse by Lori Byerly of The Generous Wife

Everything is a work in progress, and marriage is no different. What’s that famous Chinese proverb? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So true.

For more reading, you can cruise through my list of past posts, as well as my page with a bunch of posts on orgasm.

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