Is There One Sex Move that Drives Your Spouse Wild?


sex-moveNow if I wanted to follow the lead of mainstream magazines vying for your attention at the check stand, I would have titled this, “The ONE Sex Move that Will Drive Your Spouse Wild TONIGHT!”

Those magazines crack me up. I comically alluded to this in my post Sex Moves that Change Lives. Well worth the read if you need a laugh. I think I actually have some solid content in there too, but it was a long time ago. Hard saying.

Anyway. Back on point here. Is there one sex move that drives your spouse wild?

I mean, I hope there’s more than one, but having at least one in your sexual repertoire makes good sense. And for that matter, does your spouse know the one sexual touch or technique or position that drives you wild? For your sake (and theirs), I hope so!

Mind you, the one move can change over the years. That’s been the case for my husband and me. I know we have learned a lot about each other in our nearly 17 years of marriage, and much of that has been at the school of naked university.

That sounds a lot more inappropriate now that I see it on the screen, but I’m going to go ahead and leave it.

As for a sex move that drives your spouse wild, it could be anything really—something you do to initiate, something you do during foreplay or something you do while making love. It can be as subtle as a caress on a certain area of their body or as bold as a way you take control and are lovingly firm in your approach.

If there is a move that drives you wild or that drives your spouse wild, I imagine that just reading this post is bringing it to mind. You just know. You know what it is. The response you get is indescribable and brings you as much intense gratification as it does your spouse.

It feels fantastic to sexually arouse your spouse, doesn’t it? It’s affirming and exciting; deeply satisfying and overflowing with pure delight. There is just something about knowing you are the only one privileged and allowed to bring that kind of intense sexual indulgence to the person you profoundly love.

Now if you do not know what the one move is that drives your spouse wild, what will it take to discover it? 

Each marriage is unique, so I cannot pinpoint this for you. I humbly understand that if sex has been a source of struggle in your relationship, there is no overnight fix that will simultaneously reveal best sexual moves. I also know that some relationships are simply in a rut or mired in routine and boredom.

I encourage you, though, to talk to your spouse about what the two of you need to do to invigorate sexual intimacy in your relationship. Together may you find those sex moves that drive each other wild with passion and pleasure.

You don’t need a magazine at a check stand to tell you. Trust me. With a fair amount of practice and good attitude, you can figure this out on your own. It’s a fun adventure to search for this kind of sexual treasure

So let the treasure hunt begin!

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5 thoughts on “Is There One Sex Move that Drives Your Spouse Wild?

  1. Alex says:

    Disclaimer: This may sound pornographic, and for that I am sorry. But what drives my wife wild is, in doggy style, grabbing her ass cheeks with my hands and then spanking her. But also “conducting the intercourse” in doggy style as hard as possible, nearly to the point of the head board banging against the wall. That is what gets her going.

    For me, watching her masturbate. Gets me going every time and always leads to fun.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been searching for anything that would drive my wife in bed. After 40 years, I still have not found it. Her interest in sex has always been low, mostly due to her hormonal imbalance. All her doctoring has not helped…she still has hot flashes daily and she is in her sixities…☹️.

  3. Susan says:

    As a woman, what drives me wild is exactly what Alex’s wife likes above. It’s extremely aggressive doggy style, with a lot of spanking included. Where you’re almost concerned it’s “too hard” but it isn’t, but where the sounds of ass cheeks and hips colliding fills the room continually. My husband loves it too, so you can tell what we’re doing a lot when we really want to “drive each other wild!” It’s our go to!

  4. Alex says:

    Susan: Indeed! My wife is a very assertive, highly educated and liberated woman and so I love seeing the side of her as I’ve described above. It’s a massive turn-on.

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