A Talk I Did About Sex…


A few years ago, my good friend Kristen asked me to speak to her women’s Bible study about sexual intimacy in marriage.

During the talk, I vulnerably share my testimony as to why I am passionate about this topic. I also offer some tips on improving sex in marriage.

I must give my friend Kristen props, because she is such an enthusiastic warrior for Christ.  I am beyond humbled to know her personally.  She was kind enough to record my talk and now has it available on her podcast.

You can hear the entire podcast at the below link:

Wives: Champions for Sex

If you click on that link, it will start automatically.

A few side notes before you listen to it…

If I could edit it, I would say “umm” less and I would articulate a few words more and maybe sound less dorky in a few areas.  Just keeping it real, people.

Also, I mention a book in the talk, but failed to mention the name of it.  In case you’re interested, it is Finding the Hero in Your Husband by Julianna Slattery.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast.  I pray it touches you and inspires you to nurture sex in your marriage.

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2 thoughts on “A Talk I Did About Sex…

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for sharing the link. A quick note–around 18 minutes into your talk, you mention that the church should be putting an enormous amount of pressure on men to never put women in a position where they have to say no (the basic truth of which I completely agree with); but in her post below, Jennifer Lynn shares a striking challenge to the concept that men are the primary ones who are responsible for the pressure to engage in premarital sex:


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