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10 Confessions of a Wife Who Loves Sex

I have to confess…

1. I wasn’t always this way.

About loving sex, that is.  I’ve always been a redhead, though. (Immaterial to this conversation but thought I’d throw it in anyway).

With regard to sex, the truth is that healthy sexual intimacy CAN BE learned and embraced.  An old dog can learn new tricks.  Bad analogy, I know. You get the point though.

2. I used to think multiple orgasms were pure myth.

Like some crazy sex therapist just made that up to mess with people.  But now I know better. I mean, I really really know better.

3.  On rare occasion, I have been too tired for sex.

That’s when I make him do all the work. He doesn’t seem to mind.

4. I am nicer to my husband and he is nicer to me. Because of sex.

I think we would still be nice to each other without the sex, but not really nice.  It would be the fake nice.  Like how you smile at the woman on the PTA committee, even though you can barely tolerate her.

5.  Sex is really cheap entertainment.

Even if you toss in a Mike’s Hard Lemonade beforehand, we’re still looking at less than $5 for the night.

6.  I don’t care how dirty the sheets get.

Who’s going to see these sheets anyway?  If someone is checking out my sheets, I’ve got way bigger problems to figure out.

7.  I believe wholeheartedly that my sons will grow up with a healthy God-honoring attitude about sex.

They may even bring up the topic at Thanksgiving dinner.   You know, like when you go around the table and everyone says what they are grateful for.  I can just imagine them as adults, sitting there with their wives, saying, “I am so thankful for God’s gift of sex.  Grandma, what are you thankful for?”

8.  I have thought of my grocery list while having sex.

But it contained stuff like whipped cream and hot fudge, so it doesn’t really count. The list, that is.  The sex counts.

9.  I think guys like it when their wives occasionally go commando.

Well… I think my guy likes that.  I don’t know about your guy.

10. We’ve never done the role play thing.

I don’t think I could stay in character. “Hey you thief… whatcha doin trying to steal my heart? Come on over here so I can arrest you.” I’m laughing just thinking about it. I would still use the handcuffs though.

Any other wives who love sex have some confessions to share?  Keep it clean sisters, but feel free to share…

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