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Painful Sex: What You Need to Know

Sex is not meant to be painful physically.

God designed the vagina to receive the penis, assuming of course that adequate arousal and lubrication are present.

That being said, I and other marriage bloggers who write about sexual intimacy are not blind to the fact that some people, particularly women, do experience physical pain during intercourse.

I have blogged about this before, most recently in regard to penis size and painful sex.  My fellow blogger J of Hot Holy and Humorous has also addressed this topic of painful sex (a very good post, by the way).

Paul and Lori Byerly also have some articles on painful sex here and  here.

I am not a doctor but I do know that there are legitimate medical reasons as to why sex could be painful.  Many of these can be treated successfully.

I want to share with you an article I came across on WebMD.  This is not a Christian site, per se, and the site does at times contain articles that would not reflect generally-accepted Christian values.

Some of the articles I come across, though, do contain great information that is worth consideration.

This article on painful sex thoroughly highlights some issues that you may not be aware of with regard to painful sex.

The article could be a springboard for talking points with your doctor if you experience pain during sex.

Sadly, I have heard from women who truly believe that if they are experiencing pain during sex, this is some sort of punishment for past sexual promiscuity or premarital sex or some other sin.  They believe they are simply to suffer for the rest of their marriage.

Please do not buy into this lie.

More often than not, a couple simply needs to explore more foreplay, use of artificial lubrication, etc. OR they need to consider that there are physical conditions that can be treated medically.

Even if you were to believe that physically painful sex is a consequence of past sin, I encourage you to confess your past sin and receive Jesus’ forgiveness.  Nothing is beyond His reach.  God is bent toward blessing you sexually in your marriage.

By all means, do not let physical pain hold your marriage and sexual intimacy captive.  Seek the advice of trained medical professionals who have the research and experience to diagnose and treat conditions.

Your sexual intimacy is worth it.

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