Does Your Spouse’s Sweaty Body Turn You On?


cleanliness-and-sexMy friend and I were having a casual conversation about cleanliness and sex.

How important is it to you that you and/or your spouse have sex while your bodies are clean?

Or to put another spin on this narrative, does your spouse’s sweaty body turn you on?

What if you are the one who is a bit dirty and sweaty?

Are there degrees of sweatiness that would tip the scales from turn on to turn off?

Oh, the things my friends and I talk about. I know. There’s no hope for us.

Anyway, my friend said that for her, it depends on why her man would be sweaty. Like, is he sweaty because he’s just been chopping wood or mowing the yard or building a gazebo? A sweaty body from those endeavors sounds sexy and appealing to her.

If, on the other hand, he’s just been laying around in a hot cabin watching TV all day and that’s why he’s sweaty…well, the sex appeal isn’t exactly showing up on her radar.

So then I asked her about her preference for her own body when the foreplay starts ramping up. Does she prefer to be freshly showered and bathed, or is she good with things getting hot and heavy even if she’s already a bit sweaty? She qualified it all and said she would have to wash her armpits and vaginal area, but she doesn’t need to be squeaky clean.

And she added that dental hygiene is a must for both. Even if the bodies are a bit sweaty coming into the sexual endeavor, the teeth and breath need to be clean.

We laughed about the nature of our conversation, creatively speculating on various scenarios that would produce a hot sweaty body that is sexy.

We probably wrote the plot lines for a few romance novels or rom com movies in the course of our conversation. And we took some liberty re-writing some “Little House on the Prairie” dialogue and scenes to make them a lot less G-rated.

We are so easily amused. Clearly.

As for my husband and I, we tend to be in the camp of clean is sexier. We both would much rather have sex after we both have showered. Or, better yet, shower together as part of foreplay.

So what about you and your spouse? What’s the verdict on how much sweat and bodily grime is too much? Or not enough?!

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3 thoughts on “Does Your Spouse’s Sweaty Body Turn You On?

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m with you on the source of the sweat if it’s just from a gross, hot/muggy day, then no, that’s not terribly arousing.

    But generally, I prefer the smell of my wife after a day of activity, I like the way SHE smells not the smell of soap or lotion.

    I especially love the smell of her sweat after a workout. There’s an irresistible funk—that’s my favorite time to perform oral sex on her. I would much prefer her to not wash her vaginal area.

    We tend to be “morning showerers.” So morning sex has a healthy musk from the day before. I joke that waking her up with “good morning oral” is the breakfast of champions.

  2. J. Parker says:

    I’m most in favor of getting sweaty together—whether that’s through physical activity we engage in before sex or during. As long as we’re about the same, I’m good with it! 🙂

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