What Will Help You Climax Quicker?


cozy-socksMy dear friend sent me cozy socks and a fun finding on sex that you may be able to climax quicker if your feet are cozy.

I tell you what, this gal is always looking out for me. Quite the gem! Such a sexual rockstar this one is that I don’t even need to type her name here, but you can find her super awesome blog on sex at this link. Worth checking out!

I  admit I haven’t tried the sock theory yet, but I have no doubt it’s true.

My husband and I realized early in our marriage that I don’t like to be cold and he doesn’t like to be hungry. We naively assumed the success of our marriage would rest solely on these two premises — keeping me warm and him fed.

Well, we have managed to stay married nearly 17 years, so maybe there’s some truth to it! Although, we probably have nurtured a few other strategies along the way to get us this far.

But let me stay on point here about what may help you climax quicker. I do think temperature is a huge factor. We have a small portable space heater in our room for the winter (Don’t worry, we don’t leave it on all night while we sleep. That would be crazy stupid).

BUT we do turn it on to heat up the room before having sex. And what a difference it makes! Being cold is a huge distraction, making it difficult to relax and become aroused. We usually have to turn off faithful space heater midway through foreplay, because by then things are getting way too hot!  If only our little heater buddy had a remote. Or a timer. But I digress.

Here are other ideas that may help keep you warm…

1. Spend more time clothed during foreplay.

Or maybe at least partially clothed?! I honestly think there’s something sexy anyway to letting your hands wander beneath clothing, as well as undressing each other slowly. So clothing during foreplay can be dual purpose… keeping your warm while you heat up and boosting the arousal meter as your hands explore and unzip and unbutton and remove.

2. Have a sheet and light blanket over you.

I know some people are really into the visuals of sex and they feel any coverings would be a hindrance to this. But if you are cold, you’ll be too distracted to genuinely enjoy visuals or offer up visuals to the fullest. Being warm in those moments is likely more paramount to arousal and climax.

Maybe start under the warmth of blankets and then rip those bad boys off when everything is hot and heavy between you and your spouse. Just an idea.

3. Use an electric blanket to warm up the bed.

Pull your sheet and main comforter back and put an electric blanket on top of the fitted sheet. Get it warming up the bed 15-20 minutes before you make your way to it.

If you don’t have kids or they are tucked away safely in their own beds somewhere else in the house, start your foreplay in the living room while the electric blanket is creating a haven in your bedroom.

4. Wear socks to bed.

Even though I haven’t tried it yet, I do think this is a pretty good idea. And probably sexier than wearing a stocking cap to bed, but hey, if that works, don’t rule it out.

The point here is when your body and the room are the right temp, you’ll be able to segue nicely to enjoying arousal and sexual passion with that person you love and married!

And even though we have been talking about what to do if you are too cold, you may want to reverse everything in the summer when the room or your body may be too hot.

Start naked. Stay naked. Turn on a fan. Bring ice to the foreplay party. Have a cool glass of water near by. Rip the blanket off the bed. Take off your socks.

You get the idea.

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  1. J. Parker says:

    Yay! They look great on you.

    And it was an odd finding, separate from what the researchers were looking at. They simply noted that subjects wearing socks had an easier time reaching climax!

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