Is the Pandemic Crisis Giving You Clarity on What’s Important?


crisis-giving-you-clarityWe’ve all had enough of the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s caused tragedy, unrest, division, frustration, anxiety, exhaustion and bewilderment on all fronts.

So much of the fallout from this Coronavirus has been downright debilitating.

“Rona”—as some have taken to calling “her” with contempt—has been relentlessly mean. She is destroying lives, livelihoods, industries, physical health, mental health, peace, vacations, routine and so on.

We are more than three months in, as far as when the pandemic radically started to alter our daily lives, and it’s not hard to identify the pain and strain the pandemic has caused.

For all the disruption, though, there have been silver linings.

Let’s not lose sight of the silver linings, especially since this new reality we are in doesn’t seem to be departing any time soon. For many people, the pandemic has helped bring clarity about what’s important. It has provided opportunity to reflect on relationship priorities. And hopefully it has not done this in a mere token fleeting way, but in a tangible lasting way.

So what about you? What has this crisis done to your marriage?

Has it exacerbated already-existing cracks in the foundation? Or has it compelled you to take a breath and feel grateful for the partner with whom you are doing life?

What has this crisis done to sexual intimacy in your marriage? Have sexual struggles in your relationship developed or grown under the weight of the crisis? Or have you found a deeper desire to connect sexually?

Of course as an advocate for healthy intimacy, I hope this crisis has drawn you together in new ways. I think for me and my husband, there definitely has been incredible strain on our relationship (mostly because of two other crises going on in our life that have nothing to do with the pandemic, but the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped).

BUT I will say this—when we do connect sexually, I’ve appreciated it so much. Sex for us as of late often feels like an escape from the chaos and a reaffirmation of our profound desire for each other. Not just sexual desire, but also emotional desire. We crave each other in fresh ways because the new way of doing life in the midst of a pandemic has hampered ability to connect.

We have to be much more intentional. And we were already pretty intentional, so that’s saying a lot.

In so many ways, this pandemic crisis is giving us clarity on what is really important. I hope that’s what we cling to from this time in our life. I hope it’s what we remember and build upon.

What about you? Is the pandemic crisis giving you clarity on what’s important?

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1 thoughts on “Is the Pandemic Crisis Giving You Clarity on What’s Important?

  1. Running Deeper says:

    Well Julie, for me (and for us) this pandemic has actually been what our marriage has needed! We were both in a very busy season of life and had allowed our sex life to kinda just slide.

    Firstly, my wife was separated from me and unable to return. After 3 months of separation I was able to take a repatriation flight to be reunited with her.

    Separation “forced” us to take stock of our marriage, especially our sex life. We both agreed that we had let it slide but we no longer wanted to do so. God took us on a journey that has led us to be much more open, raw & honest in our conversations. This has led to wonderful sex (36 days on the trot of daily sex!), a deepening marriage and greater oneness and intimacy in every aspect of our marriage.

    The hard bit for us is being separated from our foster kids. We long to return to be with them but are seeking to make the most of this time of forced separation to enjoy an unexpected 2nd honeymoon.

    So, this pandemic actually gave us a lifeline where we were able to take stock of our marriage and where we were heading (especially our sex life) and to make some major adjustments so that we could move forward with greater confidence.

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