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Sometimes Sex is an Escape. And That’s Okay.

sex-as-a-much-needed-escapeMy husband and I… I tell you what.

Our lives have been caving in on us a bit, not because of our own doing, but because of external factors that are beyond exhausting.

So last night, we escaped.

Nope, we didn’t actually leave the house. Although you have no idea how appealing a beach on a remote island sounds right about now. But I digress.

We can’t leave our house for reasons I won’t get into. So instead, we escaped to our bedroom.

We shut the bedroom door on the world generally and on our daily life grind specifically.

And we had incredibly great sex. We needed this kind of escape. We so needed it. We needed to forget about the burdens and responsibilities waiting for us outside our bedroom door.

Sometimes sex is an escape. And that’s okay.

As husband and wife, give yourselves the freedom to escape every now and then. Give yourselves the gift of sex as an escape. These are trying times in our world and, in many cases, in our homes. Trying times call for generous action.

Sometimes sex is an escape. And that’s okay.

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