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10 Places You’d Love to Have Sex (But Haven’t)

fantasy-places-to-have-sexAhh, to dream a little. And what better time to dream about having sex someplace else than when so many of us are spending so much time in the place we see all the time—our home.

I occasionally have talked about how fun it can be to have sex in locations in your house other than your bedroom. But even changing up locations under my roof sounds pretty boring at this point! Ha!

So let’s go big or go home. (Wait a minute. Did I just use a “go home” reference so soon after lamenting about spending so much time at home?!!) Sorry about that.

I know exotic vacations and getaways and even a night at the Marriott sound downright impossible about now. But we can dream, can’t we?

So what are some places you’d love to have sex but haven’t? They can be actual places that exist (like the rooftop veranda of an apartment you once had in college) or they can be general locations that could exist lots of different places (like near a secluded stream deep within the mountains).

They can be realistic (as in, you truly could make it happen given enough money or time) or they can be completely unrealistic (as in, you’d be arrested or there’s just no way it could ever happen logistically).

For purposes here, I’m going to presume privacy is part of the deal, even if it is a public location (like the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge or Central Park). I know some people are invigorated by the risk of getting caught, so even if there is that element in your fantasy locations, let’s go with the presumption that you don’t actually get caught.

I’m also going to presume some elements of comfort would be involved (cushions, bedding, blankets, etc.) Sex near a pool sounds nice—if there is a swanky lounge chair built for two. I mean, if we are going to fantasize about locations, let’s just go ahead and assure comfort would be a given.

What are some places you’d love to have sex but haven’t? Here are mine…

10 Places I’d Love to Have Sex But Haven’t

1. The Cubs dugout at Wrigley Field

2. On the deck of a nice boat at night under moonlight

3. One of those amazing cozy igloos in Finland where you can see the Northern Lights

4. In a beautiful library, like the Library of Congress or the Boston Public Library

5. A comfortable cabana on a private ocean beach with pristine sand and water

6. A private balcony overlooking a quaint marketplace

7. In a light rain on a summer evening on the porch of a secluded cabin

8. One of those enclosed tram cars that gets stuck midway up the mountain (an enclosed ferris wheel car would be fun too!)

9. On a secluded dock during a huge Fourth of July fireworks display

10. A private train car while the train is moving

I know. Not too over-the-top crazy, right? All of the above sound so appealing to me, though. Given enough time (and cruising around the internet), I’m sure I could come up with ample more places to add to my list.

So what about you? What places would be on your list?!! Where would you love to have sex but haven’t?

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