Which Sexual Intimacy Resources Have Helped You?


sexual-intimacy-resourcesIt’s not such a bad time to be a Christian who blogs about sex.

Certainly, there’s always room to broaden the conversation collectively in the body of believers on the topic of sex, but we definitely have come a long way.

Some voices in this arena were forerunners and are still such awesome advocates for healthy sexual intimacy in marriage. And in the past 10 years in particular, the number of bloggers, authors and speakers has noticeably increased. I am in good company for sure!

Insights from Paul and Lori Byerly and Shannon Ethridge were especially encouraging to me many years ago, not only in my marriage, but also as I was starting out as a blogger about sex. I now am grateful to call them friends. Like so many advocates for healthy intimacy, we all are deeply committed to helping couples build incredibly intimate marriages.

If you want to improve sex in your marriage, you don’t lack for access to insights and resources.

If you have found a resource that has made a difference for your marriage, please mention it in the comments. Whether the resources are books, blogs, webinars, online courses or retreats, what has helped you?

Not only does sharing encourage creators of such material, but it also may spur hope for other people who are looking for resources.

Remember… I moderate my comments and you can put them in anonymously. I just have to go in and approve them. Thank you in advance for sharing what has worked for you!

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3 thoughts on “Which Sexual Intimacy Resources Have Helped You?

  1. Anonymous says:

    No more headaches book helped for a hot minute then she reverted to former path. I read it too, really opened my eyes to our differences.

    I’ve read the Rossberg’s books thought they were great. Love languages of course, Feldhahn’s books have probably been the most and least helpful.

    When trying to engage in discussion and saying what I am trying to do different i get “so you are trying to manipulate me?”

    Maybe I am. I dont know at this point. I’m like an addict and keep coming back holding to a glimmer of hope I’ll find the right thing.

  2. Jan says:

    Secular ones help me mostly. I am speaking for myself here, I know there are many people who have been greatly blessed by Christian resources. I know where to find verses in the bible which pertain to sex, and I know how to use my common sense (to avoid that which is not appropriate) when using non Christian material. I often find secular advice less aggressive, gentler and more understanding to womens’ concerns. Many Christian blogs and articles leave me frustrated and discouraged.

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