Homebound with Kids? Show Affection for Your Spouse.


nurturing-your-marriageCOVID-19 has been quite the disruptor in more ways and on more fronts than we can comprehend at this point. The fall out and the shining examples of humanity’s good continue to unfold, moment by moment.

If you are like nearly all United States citizens, you are home. Stuck? Well, that is one descriptor, but let’s look for any positive spins we can find.

Here’s one. You now have so much more opportunity to find creative ways to be sexually playful. If you are like a lot of people, you are in home confinement with your kids under foot (or on their phones, depending on their ages).

So I get it. I get that you may have to be creative in being affectionate with your spouse and expressing your desire for sex. But as I have often said, I think it is super healthy for children to see their parents appropriately physically affectionate with each other.

And in these uncertain times out in the world, it may give your children some added sense of security to see mom and dad nurturing their marriage.

It looks like we could be in this homebound situation for awhile. So go ahead and kiss. Have an extended hug. A gentle touch. Sit close to each on the couch. There are a lot of little things you can do clothed that send the message that the two of you are united and a solid foundation.

Be intentional, okay?!

And when your kiddos are in their beds for the night (or if they are old enough to watch a movie unsupervised in the family room for an hour or so)… get creative then, too!

Foreplay and sexual intimacy can be a great way to reduce stress. And Lord knows in this situation all of us are in, there is some stress. We can either lament and be derailed by the stress or we can take a breath, make the most of the situation, and lean into affection.

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