Below are some sites you may want to consider as you look at more ways to enrich your marriage.

This list certainly is not exhaustive. Simply because I have a link listed doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with everything the author has to say. Glean what is helpful and relevant to YOUR marriage and let go of what isn’t.

The Generous Husband and The Generous Wife by Paul and Lori Byerly.  They also have The Marriage Bed and The X-Y Code, which are also wonderful sites.

Hot, Holy and Humorous by J. Parker.

The Romantic Vineyard by Tom and Debi Walter

Awaken Love by Ruth Buezis

Shannon Ethridge Ministries by Shannon Ethridge

One Flesh Marriage by Brad and Kate Aldrich

Inverse Ministries by Clint and Penny Bragg, who offer tremendous encouragement to couples trying to restore their marriage after separation or divorce.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives Podcast

Bonny’s Oyster Bed by Bonny Burns

Forgiven Wife and Honeycomb & Spice by Chris Taylor

The Romantic Vineyard by Tom and Debi Walter

Gary Thomas

Encourage Your Spouse by Lori Ferguson

Calm Healthy Sexy by Gaye

One Stupendous Marriage by Stu and Lisa Gray

Engaged Marriage by Dustin Riechmann.

One Extraordinary Marriage by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo.

Marriage Gems by Lori Lowe.

Marriage Helper by Joe Beam

Intimate Marriage by Michael Systma.

Heaven Made Marriage by Scott and Jenni Means.

Family Life is a Christian organization helping marriages and family.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Gregoire

Christian Marriage Today by Mike and Wanda Collins.

Simple Marriage by Corey Allen.

The Intimate Couple by Jim and Carrie Gordon.

Prodigals International is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping men, women and families overcome sexual addiction.

Restoring Sexual Purity

Dr. Diane Langberg who offers tremendous hope for people trying to heal from the damage of past sexual abuse.

I also highly encourage you to visit the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association page. Some other bloggers and I founded the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association in an effort to connect bloggers and spread the word about good resources.

Whew!  That’s quite a few!  I keep stumbling across more all the time, but if you come across a blog or site that should be on the list, please let me know.  Share the knowledge so we can all keep growing and learning!   You can reach me at