A Few Posts In Case You Missed Them…


sexual-intimacy-postsI just wanted to offer you another round up of posts you may have missed.

These sure are strange and apprehensive times we are living in with the pandemic, aren’t they?

My heart goes out to all of you as you navigate home life and community life and work life. Here are a few posts I wrote that you may have missed…

3 Tips on Talking About Sex to Your Engaged Adult Child

Improving Physical Health Can Help Sexual Health

3 Sexual Things to Figure Out Before You Get Married

When Feeling Alone Fills the Day

When Grocery Shopping is a Nice Reprieve

Best Time of Day for Sex?

What Was Your Biggest Misconception About Sex in Marriage?

3 Great Benefits of Sex in Your Marriage

For more reading, you can cruise through my list of past posts, as well as my page with a bunch of posts on orgasm.

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