Sexiest Thing You Can Do This Valentine’s Day?

Hello my fabulous readers!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the day, I want to share with you a guest post I wrote for fellow sex champion Shannon Ethridge. You can check it out at the below link:

The Sexiest Thing You Can Do This Valentine’s Day

This morning I sent my husband a link to a lingerie site I trust so he could pick out a sexy negligee for me that we can both enjoy!

Why don’t you check out the site to see what would be a wise investment in nurtured sexual intimacy in your marriage? Maybe pick something out together?!

They are running a sale through today of 25% off lingerie and boxes. Woohoo!! Just click on the below image, which takes you to my affiliate link.

I just love this place!

I also wanted to share with you a link to my friend Bonny’s post Valentine’s Day Romance for the Romantically Mismatched Marriage.  Great post and lots of links in it too!

My prayer for you is that as a couple, you will get some time together today or over the weekend to express your love for each other.  Any day is a wonderful day to do that, so look at today as one more opportunity to lavish love and passion on the person you married!

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1 thoughts on “Sexiest Thing You Can Do This Valentine’s Day?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Valentines day balloon, romantic card and a nice dinner/movie is the “sexiest” thing I can do. I also give her the gift of “no sex” (she enjoys Valentines Day a lot more if I don’t initiate sex)….

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