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5 Cheapest Ways to Turn Your Husband On

Can’t afford the $50 negligee?

No cash for a one-night hotel getaway?

Don’t want to splurge for a fancy dinner?

Don’t worry.  There are plenty of ways to arouse your husband sexually without spending a chunk of change on a ritzy hotel.

Here are 5 easy (and inexpensive) ways to turn your husband on:

1. Go commando.

Okay, I have to say, if my husband told me he wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath his pants, I can’t say it would necessarily get me all hot and bothered.  But for some reason, if a wife goes commando, this can be a huge thrill for her husband.

This is especially true if he has to then wait to get to the prize.

So, as you head out the door together to some rather mundane event (school meeting, boring work gathering, etc.) whisper in his ear that you are wearing nothing underneath your jeans, shorts or slacks.  Then smile.  Then walk out the door.

To add fuel to the fire, while sitting at the boring event, place your hand (appropriately) on his knee or back of his neck — or use your fingernails to gently trace each of his fingers.

(P.S.  You don’t have to wait for a boring event to do this.  Any time you’ll be away from the house together is good.  Going to a wedding or wedding reception?  Heading off to a summer barbecue?  The point is to build in some anticipation of things yet to come. Literally and figuratively.)

2. Paint your toenails.

If you can afford a pedicure, spend the $25 and get one.  But if not, just paint your toenails yourself or have a girlfriend do it for you.  Pick a color that you think he’ll find especially sexy (red, hot pink, sparkly, etc).

If he doesn’t notice, go ahead and show him and say, “I was feeling adventuresome.  Want to know the other ways I’m feeling adventuresome?”

3. Get in the shower with him.

Whether he showers in the  morning or evening, plan accordingly and join him after he’s been in there for a few minutes. Don’t announce you’re getting in. Just get in. (Lock the bathroom door, of course, if you have kids in the house).

Interestingly, the shower can be a great place to talk vulnerably.  You’re already physically naked. Why not take the chance and get a little emotionally naked as well?

If possible, plan the shower escapade on a day where you have some extra time afterward to… well… do things that will require another shower.  I’m just saying.

4. Put a love note in his car, briefcase or lunchbox.

You don’t have to have the skills of Shakespeare.  Just write a few lines that convey how you feel in your heart.

Be specific.  Maybe something along the lines of… “I appreciate how hard you work for our family. Let’s spend some time alone together later so I can properly thank you!”

You may even want to put some of your favorite perfume on the note for extra incentive. Something that really says, “Tonight is NOT the night you want to work late. Hurry home.”

5. Feed him his favorite dessert.

Okay, this may seem awkward at first, but if the setting is right, it can be the sexiest and most playful experience.

Pick up some gourmet cheesecake, his favorite ice cream, a gooey brownie or anything along those lines.  Sit on his lap and indulge in a little fun (a kiss between each bite, etc.)

These are just five ideas.

If none of the above sound like they’d really do it for your husband, cruise through this post I wrote awhile back about how to turn on your husband. (And I hope this is obvious, but don’t tease him — unless you plan to follow through).

Honestly, the list of ideas on how to arouse a husband could be endless if we talked about it long enough.

What about…

A sensuous massage?

A sexual encounter where he must simply remain the recipient the entire time?

Coming to bed naked when he would least expect it?

Meeting him at the door wearing nothing more than one of his dress shirts? (You may not even make it to the bedroom if you do this).

Throw your ideas into the comment section.

You don’t need a lot of money to plan an off-the-charts sexual experience with the man you love. You don’t need a 5-star hotel, expensive outfit or $100 bottle of wine.

All you need is your heart and a little creativity.

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