Looks Like a Little More Stress Relief Might Be In Order


stress-relief-marriageWe aren’t quite out of the woods on this pandemic crisis. Not even close, some would say.

I remember when we naively thought if we just made it to summer, things would look dramatically better. Who could have known that we should have been thinking summer 2021?!

Everyone’s situation is unique. How COVID-19 has impacted you and your family may be quite different than how it has affected other people.

My husband and I literally went months without knowing anyone personally who had had the virus. In the past three weeks, we have known several, some of whom have been hospitalized.

And even if you don’t personally know people who have had the virus or have it now, no doubt you at the minimum have encountered inconveniences, constraints and disruptions because of the pandemic.

Yes, a little more stress relief might be in order. We still have a ways to go before broad use of a vaccine will help ease the spread of the virus significantly. If you and your spouse have experienced stress because of the pandemic, what are you doing to manage that?

Of course, I always think one of the great benefits of sex is stress relief! But also in the mix should be healthy communication, realistic expectations, genuine friendship, and a willingness to get creative in keeping sane amidst incredibly baffling times.

In what ways can you make your own needs known and at the same time be sensitive to what your spouse needs?

I encourage you to initiate a conversation and to check in with each other. It can be easy to assume we know how the other person is doing, but in reality, maybe we don’t.  And maybe they don’t know how we are doing.

We aren’t quite out of the woods on this pandemic crisis. Not even close, some would say. In that light, how will you two be navigating the next several weeks and months?

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