One Flesh Marriage: Sexual Intimacy Insights You Don’t Want to Miss

My pals Brad and Kate Aldrich over at One Flesh Marriage recently ran a series titled “5 Bloggers 5 Questions.”

They asked 5 bloggers on sexual intimacy in marriage to answer the same 5 questions.  They then did a separate blog post for each person’s answers.  Brilliant!

Series like this affirm to me (and hopefully to you) that there are indeed Christians out there who authentically want to encourage husbands and wives on this vital area of sexual intimacy.

I want to share with you one nugget of gold from each of the posts and the links to the full posts.  Check it out people.  This is some good stuff that could radically change the way you look at sex in your marriage.

Julie Sibert (yes, I was one of their bloggers. I’m humbled to be included) / Intimacy in Marriage

“When we view marriage as sacred — and all that goes with it, including sex — then certainly we have desire to protect something so precious. There are many spiritual things going on when two people make love.” Click here for full post.

Scott Means / Journey to Surrender

“Though being naked without shame applies to the entirety of your marriage, in the context of your sexual relationship it means being real with your spouse and yourself about your sexual desires. It means being able to talk about your needs and wants without any sense of shame, and being willing to express those things in a non-demanding way.” Click here for full post.

Rowan and Mara / Couple Things Blog

“Learn to talk about your sexual intimacy with each other. This is not necessarily an intuitive or natural thing to do (depending on how taboo the topic was for you to discuss growing up), but the benefits are incredible. A couple who can discuss openly the things they like and don’t like, where they’re at with their own sexuality, what each other’s opinions on their sex-life are, are miles ahead of a couple that just hopes the other person can read their mind.” Click here for full post.

Paul Byerly / The Generous Husband

“I think most who are uptight or limited sexually are uptight and limited spiritually – and visa versa. So a good relationship with Him should make sexual intimacy better. On the other hand, a legalistic relationship with Him will make a real mess of all things sexual.”


“Sex is a part of the whole, and must be dealt with that way. Sometimes sex can’t be dealt with until other issues are resolved, while other times sex is the block to working on other issues. The marriage bed must be a safe place for both husband and wife. They must feel free to try and ‘fail’ and not be judged or criticised. Fear must be removed, and trust and communication must be built.” Click here for full post.

Lori Byerly / The Generous Wife

“A relationship with Jesus can change everything.  He wants to rewrite your heart so that how you relate to others is motivated by love.  In marriage, if you are motivated by love, you will want to bless your spouse (in and out of the bedroom).  You become a safe place for your spouse where intimacy flows.”


“I think it’s important to encourage people to build up all aspects of their marriage relationship (sex doesn’t happen in a vacuum).  You need to guard your relationship against those things that might tear it down and be very intentional about building up your relationship.  Spend time with your spouse.  Hang out with marriage friendly folks.  Get educated – read good books about marriage and sexuality.  Practice, practice, practice.” Click here for full post.

The above bloggers, as well as Kate and Brad Aldrich of One Flesh Marriage, have such a heartfelt commitment to encourage couples in their marriages.

Don’t miss the ways God may be using these writers, as well as other Christian resources, in your own marriage.

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