More MUST HAVES for the Sexy Bedroom of Your Dreams


bedroom-of-your-dreamsOkay, “sexy bedroom of your dreams” may be taking too much liberty.

But it worked for a headline. Ha!

All I really want to do is share a post from my blogger friend J. Parker, who took me up on my challenge to share some must haves in making your bedroom a den of delight!

I like the words den of delight! Well played, my friend. Well. Played.

Without further ado, here is J’s fabulous post:

4 Must-Haves to Make Your Bedroom a Den of Delight

Look at us! Building the bedroom of our dreams, one post at a time!

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2 thoughts on “More MUST HAVES for the Sexy Bedroom of Your Dreams

  1. J. Parker says:

    Why do I imagine some wife out there saying to herself, “Since when did the sexy bedroom of my dreams include Legos trapped in my carpet? Ouch!” 😉

    But you’re right! Step by step, post by post, we do what we can. ♥

    Thanks for the shout-out!

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