Better Health Leads to Better Sex? Likely!

Remember when you were 18 and you didn’t give a second thought to being healthy and staying healthy?

(Okay, maybe that doesn’t describe you, but it sure describes me.)

Let’s face it — when we are young, health comes pretty easily.

But now we are busy married people with all the responsibilities of being a grown up.  Kids. Work. Laundry. Family outings to plan. Meals to cook. Carpools to drive. Calendars to tame.

You get the idea.  Life is full.

But in the back of your mind, you know that there is some value in getting healthy and staying healthy.

And you probably even are more than a little bit aware that better health would lead to better sex.

You’d have more energy.

You’d have a more positive outlook.

You’d simply feel better.

Two marriage bloggers I respect are not only passionate about marriage — they are also committed to helping couples become more physically fit. So, they asked me to share with all of you what they do.

Dustin Riechmann and Tony DiLorenzo each have their own marriage blogs, but they also started this site called Fit Marriage.

Very cool, by the way.

What is unique is that they totally get how difficult it is for busy couples to fit in exercise and healthiness into an already jam-packed life. After all, they are each married and have families of their own (Tony and his lovely bride have two kiddos and Dustin and his wife have three!)

These guys know what it takes.  I trust their hearts and their commitment to health.  They have designed fitness that doesn’t feel intimidating.  I like that.

Want to know more? Check out this free session they are doing on Oct. 25:

7 Secrets for Fitting in Fitness for Busy Couples

If you go to the link, you can first hear them describe what they’ll cover — before you even sign up for the free event.

At the end of the event, they will offer you one of their fitness programs at a reduced price.  If you buy it, I get a portion of that sale. I am committed to being up front about that because I don’t take your trust lightly. I like my readers — a lot.

And I want to see more happy, healthy, passionate married people (especially married people who love their sexual intimacy!)

So, take a gander at 7 Secrets for Fitting in Fitness for Busy Couples and see that Tony and Dustin are just regular people like you and me — and they want you to have the best and healthiest marriage possible.

(Seriously, click on each of their names I just typed in that last sentence and you can learn all about them).

Sure, health doesn’t come as easy as it did when we were younger.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t get healthier with little steps here and there, right?

Here’s to a fit marriage (physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually!)

7 Secrets for Fitting in Fitness for Busy Couples

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